[London] Mowbray Court Hotel

1. Accommodation name: Mowbray Court

2. Number of stays: October 19-21.
2 nights

3. Location (Access): 5 minutes walk from Earl’s Court Station

4. Price: Triple room (double bed + single bed) KRW 609,842 (2 nights) (Agoda reservation)

5. Meals and cooking: Cooking is not allowed.
Free breakfast (very simple…: bread, drinks, fruit, yogurt)

6. Bathroom (shower room): The sink is very small, the shower head is attached to the ceiling, and the shower room is very narrow, which is very inconvenient.
They gave me not enough toilet paper, so I asked the front desk later to get more and use it.

7. Facilities and cleanliness: I heard that many London hotels do not have elevators, so I first checked to see if there was an elevator before making a reservation… but I didn’t even think about the stairs at the entrance of the hotel… (At first, it was okay because the hotel staff carried my luggage, but I checked out. It was a bit of a struggle) The hotel rooms were very narrow, so it was difficult for people to move around with their suitcases spread out.
Also, the carpet was dirty as if it was old, and since I had read reviews about bed bugs in advance, I used up a whole bottle of Biokil and sprinkled it on every corner of the bed before using it and letting it dry before using the bedding.
The next morning, water fell from the ceiling and all the bedding and floor carpets were wet, so I told the front desk and they said it was no big deal!!
“I guess they left the shower room open on the upper floor and used it.” “So, when you go out and clean up your room, I’ll change the bedding and dry the carpet.” They said it’s difficult to exchange rooms. Anyway, it wasn’t worth the effort I put in to get a new one. I had to just use the bedding without Biokill.
Fortunately, there were no bed bugs, but it was so absurd to be in a hotel with water dripping from the ceiling!!!!

9. Internal rule: Check-in was at 3 o’clock, but I went at 2 o’clock and they said it was good news and let me check in…..

10. Staff friendliness: Friendly….

11. Surrounding environment: There is everything around the station, including Boots and M&S.

12. Advantages: It’s close to the station, Earl’s Court Station is on the Distric line and Piccadilly line, so it’s convenient to get around, and there’s an elevator, so it’s easy to carry luggage.
However, there are occasional stairs at the entrance or in the middle.

13. Disadvantage: The facilities are too old for the price, there is no comfort of a hotel at all, and it is full of mustiness….

14.What kind of people would like this accommodation?
– I guess…

15.How would you rate it?
I don’t want to go again!

—> I didn’t take any pictures of the room, so there are only pictures of water falling from the ceiling… ​

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