Positano luggage storage service

Hello, I would like to share with you that there is a service that allows you to store your luggage when you stop by Positano and move to another place.

​First, let me explain what I used.

If you go to the port (passenger ship terminal) where the Positano ferry dock is located, there are office boxes for each shipping company.

I used the luggage storage service there through Travelmar.

I don’t know if they charge a fee, but they arranged it themselves and told me to pay it to the delivery driver instead of taking the money themselves.


I paid 30 euros for 2 pieces of luggage.

The conditions included storage of luggage and delivery to the bus stop sponda at the desired time.

If you are staying in Positano, ask them to send it to your hotel.


When I left my luggage, I received the delivery driver(?)’s contact information, saved it, and communicated with Wachap.

Since I was leaving earlier than the bus I originally planned to take, I asked for my luggage to be delivered right before the appointed time, and it was delivered in about 15 minutes.


30 Euros was more expensive than I thought, so I asked about it and was told that since the luggage is stored in a warehouse, the fee may vary depending on the day of the week and weekend.

(Monday and Tuesday are cheap, Wednesday to Friday are normal, weekends are expensive, etc.

)I had 2 pieces of luggage, but I slipped 1 more piece into my backpack and left 3 pieces.

It would be cheaper if you just store your luggage without delivery.


I didn’t know much, so I had a hard time carrying my luggage from Sponda to the passenger terminal, but there are a lot of porter services in Positano.

I am uploading a photo of the Porter Service billboard.

They have all the phone numbers, so if you tell them to come to your location, they will come and pick up your luggage.

If you are good at communicating in English, please make a request by phone.



​For luggage storage, I was planning to leave my luggage at my accommodation in Amalfi, go to Positano, and then move on to Sorrento.

It was a stupid idea.

Considering I paid 30 euros for 1 hour and 30 minutes back and forth, I didn’t think it was that expensive!Stone stairs are no joke.

Store your luggage comfortably!.