Florence gelato restaurant, tiramisu

Second week of December. I’m backI wanted to do 2 gelatos in 1 day, but it was so cold that I couldn’t try that much. It was a 2-night stay in Florence. I’ve been to 3 placesI checked everything in advance and went there!​​​Gelato⭕️I can’t really recommend it. (Gelateria La Carraia), Piazza Nazario Sauro, 25/r, … Read more

Italy on a live webcam

​https://cafe. naver. com/firenze/6982899?tc=shared_link There is someone who wrote before. Today, it suddenly occurred to me and I searched for it. I looked it up when a friend went on a trip to Italy. ​https://www. skylinewebcams. com/en/webcam/italia/lazio/roma/fontana-di-trevi. html nowIt was raining at the Trevi Fountain in Rome and no one was using umbrellas.

Catacombs of Saint Callisto

It is closed from January 24th to February 21st. If you are going to Rome during this period, go to a different catacomb than this one. My head hurts right now as I have to reschedule my schedule because of this. ​.

Ticket reservation name mistake

There is a typo in the name of the Rome Pantheon and Colosseum tickets -_-I sent an email with “i” in my name twice. I’m timid and this is my first time traveling. The reply I received doesn’t seem to be any problem ^^. ​.