Trip to Italy with my middle school friend (Rome)

Today, at this moment, it is the last night of the last day in Rome.

After roughly organizing my bag, I’ll write a few words.

The weather was so nice when I crossed from Florence to Rome on Sunday afternoon.

When I arrived at Termini, it was crowded with people and I was confused so I went outside to catch a taxi.

White taxis lined up and we quickly got in the taxi and showed the hotel, so it was okay and we were leaving~~I was looking outside, remembering the sights of Rome when I first came there while backpacking about 26 years ago, but I can’t really remember, so it’s an eraser in my head ㅠㅠAh, this is Europe!!When I said that, the middle school student next to me also nodded haha.

What do you know?The driver is good at driving through the alleys!I will drop you off in front of the hotel.

I chose the hotel near Travi, and although it was a bit old, my first impression was that it was well organized!!!They brought my bag to the room too~~ Thank you~~First of all, I dropped my bags and had no plans for the afternoon, but the weather was nice, so I had a combined ticket to the Colosseum + Arena + Underground.

It was cloudy tomorrow and rain was expected the day after, so I walked to see the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum today.

Originally, I was going to go to the Colosseum and get a child’s ticket after entering, but I changed my schedule to go to the Foro Romano first, so I finally found the entrance and held out a printout that only I had issued, and it said go to the center and get a child’s ticket.

That’s where.

To get there, you have to go back down the way you came, and it’s so wide that you don’t even know where you are.

I’m starting to get irritated, but my middle school friend is completely obliviousㅠㅠ Ae-mi, who doesn’t understand anything, tells me to ask for more details, but she says she knew.


I explodedUntil I climbed the wide Foro Romano and Palatine Hill, I didn’t say anything and just took pictures of the surroundings.

I climbed up the hill and looked down, but I held back tears.


I really thought something like this wouldn’t happen because he’s a little guy I usually get along with quite well.

I didn’t feel like going back to the hotel, so I decided to go back to the hotel.

We stayed at the hotel for about 30 minutes without talking, and he said he had made a mistake, so we talked and resolved it.

I walked again to see the Colosseum, which I had reserved for the next day.

The long-awaited Col.



I came alone with a large backpack, but this time I came back with my middle school friend~~I entered 20 minutes before the reserved time and was about to receive a free ticket at the ticket window when the ticket agent told me that middle school students cannot enter the basement with a regular ticket.

ㅠㅠ This sounds like a bolt from the blue and they say you have to buy a separate ticket, but you can’t do that.

Poor girl.

As I was looking at him with his eyes, he gave me a ticket and said he would go somewhere and find a way to do it.

Shouting “Thank you Grazie” over and over again, I borrowed a Korean audio device and headed to the meeting place in the basement.

I’m going down to the basement hahaI see everything underground and see the above ground, but the feeling is completely different between seeing it from below and from above.

Be sure to visit the basement together.

After spending a few hours touring, I took a souvenir photo outside looking at the Roman Forum, which I had not been able to see yesterday due to the cold atmosphere.

Except for the fixed ticket schedule, we just went wherever we could, so we visited many of Rome’s famous tourist attractions at least three times.

I saw Travi Plaza de España every day and night haha.

We did a half-day tour of the Vatican and it was a great time.

After the tour, we went up to the dome.

I rode a two-person electric bicycle in Borghese Park on a nice day, and it was very relaxing and nice.

I recommend it to anyone who has time.

I climbed Poncho Hill and saw the sunset, and I recommend this too haha.

The hotel was near Travi and it was great to walk to major tourist attractions.

I highly recommend it오늘 마지막날이라 다시 먹고싶은거 먹자고해서 어제 저녁에 먹었던 콜로세움근처 음식점에 또 방문했네요 내일 첵아웃후 호텔근처 재방문할 피자집까지 정말 느므 맛난두곳이네요 아니 세곳이네요Ristorante la Nuova PiazzettaPiccolo Buco (NO PRENOTAZIONI-NO RESERVATIONS)Two Sizes 티라미수 강추​오늘 로마가 행사도있었고 불금까지 겹쳐 사람들로 넘쳐나더라구요마지막날 아~~주 사람구경 제대로하고 나보나 판테온 트레비 콜로세움 스페인광장까지 제대로 마무리했어요쇼핑은 오며가며 마그넷에 포켓커피 타짜도르원두 원두초컬릿 산트유스타치오원두 원두초컬릿산타노벨라 발사믹식초 트리플소금 레몬사탕등 야무지게했어요참! 막스마라에서 루드밀라 구입했는데 fta 안해줘서 속상했네요ㅠㅠ디올은 해주더만요그리구 리나센터백화점 윗층 식품류들 살때 결재시 회원가입해서 10프로 할인받으세요​이번 여행으로 우리 중딩이 고등생활 잘해서 대학가면 우리네식구이제는 내가 가고픈 스페인으로 가자꾸나 ~~​아이와의 여행은 여유를 가지시면 좀더 행복한 여행을 하실수 있으실꺼예요초겨울 겨울여행 꼭 필요한건 뭐다?핫팩 + 전기요 + 휴대용포트 강추드립니다​모두 즐겁고 행복한 여행 되세요^^.