Ticket issuance link for viewing the Colosseum basement/basement audio guide

It is very difficult to make a reservation at the Colosseum.

I saw a lot of reviews.

Since it’s winter, I have some free time.

There are still plenty of tickets available for tomorrow.

(I saw it wrong)Can I get an explanation if I have a ticket that allows me to go underground?Does anyone know that there is an explanation QR?.







colosseo ​​​If you use this app, there is a paid audio guide.

It seems like you can listen to it for 48 hours even if you are not on site.

I haven’t made a purchase yet.

​You can download the preview part for free.

​Colosseum ReservationsI will leave the link in the comments.

​Thank you so much to those who left comments on the Colosseum link.

​It is not activated in the text.

​(I made a mistake and will correct it after reading the comment.