This is the best, worst, and worst review of Barcelona Midmod*t.


What’s worse, I’m currently on a golden trip and I’m pissed off.
Would you like to write
Make a reservation through a public website, not through a reservation site.
There is no place to leave a review, so I am posting it on Wandering.

First of all, I asked if there was a room with a bathtub, but they said there wasn’t one.
That wasn’t the problem
There is a constant sound of the bathroom pipes running in the evening.
It lasted more than 3 hours
I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to the front desk and let them hear it.
I don’t think I can hear much as they laugh among themselves.
What did they say?
Great start here
Hotel: But there are no rooms available
Me: I thought so, so I looked at the reservation site.
There were four rooms available??
Hotel: Wait a minute (pretend to search)
Me: I tried to hold back at first, but the shouting wouldn’t stop.
can’t sleep
Hotel: It’s on the same floor. Would you like to stay here?
Me: (I was going to say something, but they stopped me. This is where I felt the most uncomfortable.)
Hotel: Otherwise, there is only the first floor.
Me: I’ll take a look at the room first and see if it’s okay.

— If it is a normal hotel in this process,
I’m sorry, you’ll follow along and say we’ll check it out together, right?
I wanted to ask you to go with me, but it’s 12 o’clock at night.
The employee I heard earlier is on his way home from work.
Because I got off work
There was one staff member at the reception.
Of course, it may be in the backup, but
I didn’t want to make more trouble because I thought he would say he couldn’t go because he was working alone.
So I just went on a trip and didn’t want to ruin my mood any further.
I went up by myself and
it was okay after seeing it.

*******The biggest hit: It was the same type of room, but this room had a bathtub. The first time the receptionist lied *********

I went to my original room to move things, but the door wouldn’t open.
— I went down to the reception alone again —
Me: This room is okay, I’ll take this room.
But I move things only when the room is open.
(I said that because I went to the front but it didn’t open.)
Hotel: Will open and move
Me: It doesn’t open?
Hotel: No open
(I shouldn’t have believed this…)

— I go up to the room again, the door opens ㅅㅂ —
Me: Is the door open??
Hotel: (Titidik) It’s open now.

— I’m starting to get more and more annoyed here. I don’t know how many times I go back and forth to move my luggage and then go back down to get the keys —
Me: (I was so angry that I just gave him the key without saying a word)
Hotel: Thank you^^

I’m really so pissed
Is there a place that looks like a local gangster that doesn’t even look like a hotel?
The reception staff are all like part-time workers.
The person who responded last time seemed to be the owner of this hotel.
It was my grandfather.
But this really, really cool foreign grandfather.
I was so scared because of that style, and this is my first time in a hotel that doesn’t really look like a hotel.

It’s really the worst, so don’t be like me.
Avoid this place
I never leave reviews like this, but this is my first time leaving one.

##### In case this entire process is not in English,
You may think it is a communication problem.
As I said, I have a lot of complexities because I studied abroad in North America.
I think this can only be seen as racism.
Or it could be because the woman stayed alone.
Looking at the site, there are other complaints like mine.
It was a long time ago, but I guess they just hugged it and left it like that.
I can only hear from that room, so I don’t think people who are in that room know because they don’t leave complaints.
I was unlucky, but it could be you.

The cleaning condition is also terrible.Image


Is the balcony connected to the next room so you can cross it like that?Image

They don’t even give you water, they charge you for coffee capsules.

the sound of the matter ​

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