Vienna Adina Serviced Apartments Vienna/ (before changes)JOYN Vienna – Serviced Apartments

Accommodation photos
Accommodation name:
Adina Serviced Apartments Vienna/ [Before change name]
JOYN Vienna – Serviced Apartments
Number of stays:
Location (How to get there):
Vienna Central Station, next to Ibis and Novotel
About 100,000 won per night
Meals and cooking:
No breakfast/Cooking available
Bathroom (shower room):
There is a toilet in the room
Good wifi speed
Facilities and cleanliness:
Satisfactory facilities, good cleanliness
Internal rules: It is difficult to check in
or check out early in the morning.
Friendliness of staff
: Generally satisfactory
Surrounding environment:
Around Jungang Station
The surrounding area is an office area, so it’s quiet and clean. It’s near the central station, so it’s convenient to take the train early in the morning.
1. Difficult to check-in and check-out at the hotel as there is no staff available 24 hours a day
2. The hotel name has changed (the hotel reservation site still shows Join Vienna Hotel), so people hang around the hotel because of the changed name.
3. When showering, water around the bathroom and the shower booth do not drain.
4. There are no kitchen utensils in the room, so you have to go to the desk to get the necessary supplies. (There were no kitchen utensils in my hotel room)
Who would like this accommodation?
Hotel with self-catering
available upon request
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