Prague Royal Court Apartments

Accommodation photos
Accommodation name:
Royal Court Apartments
Number of stays:
Location (how to get there):
IP Pavlova Station
55,000 won per night / City tax included (credit card payment accepted)
Meals and cooking:
Breakfast not included/Cooking available
Whether there is a bathroom (shower room):
There is a bathroom in the room
Good wifi speed
Facilities and cleanliness:
Good cleanliness
Internal rules:
none in particular
Staff friendliness:
Surrounding environment:
IP Pavlova station, far from the old town
1. Really spacious room (embarrassing to stay alone)
2. Cleanliness, there is no daily cleaning of the room, but the trash can is emptied.
1. The room windows are double, but they are thin and noisy (you may need to request a quiet place when making a reservation)
2. Towel exchange once every 3 days
Who would like this accommodation?
People looking for a spacious place and a place to work at an affordable price
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