Budapest City Hotel Unio

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Accommodation name:
Budapest City Hotel Unio
Number of stays:
Location (How to get there):
10 minutes walk from
M1 Oktogon Station/
about 10 minutes from M2
Blaha Lujza tér
65,000 won per night / City tax included (credit card payment accepted)
Meals and cooking:
Breakfast not included / Cooking not allowed / Mini refrigerator available
Whether there is a bathroom (shower room):
There is a bathroom in the room
Good wifi speed
Facilities and cleanliness:
Good cleanliness
Internal rules:
none in particular
Staff friendliness:
Surrounding environment:
Close to tram stop, 5 minutes from New York Cafe
1. Staff always on standby
2. Cleanliness, daily room cleaning (it was an old room, but it was cleaner than expected)
1. Because it is a single room, it is noisy because it is next to the elevator.
2. Bed (maybe because the mattress is thin, causing back discomfort)
3. When using public transportation from the airport, use the airport bus + one-time ticket (bus or subway) + 10-minute walk.
4. Not many outlets
5. The room is dark.
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