Reviews of Rosa Salva Hotel, Venice

reserved a twin room in January on October 31st for $85.49 per night.
I think the price has gone up now
I stayed for one night, and it was nice to be able to take a 3-minute view of St. Mark’s Square and enjoy St. Mark’s Square in the morning and evening.
If you have a suitcase, please think carefully as you will feel pain while traveling.
Maybe it’s because I stayed at an Airbnb, but it was so warm and nice.
It was nice to use towels and turn on the heater.
I wasn’t able to take pictures as soon as I entered the room, so it’s a bit messy since I didn’t use it.
Thank you for your understanding.
There is a terrace, but when you go out it smells like sewage and the view is not good.
There was no smell in the room at all.
The room is clean, there are no photos, but there are hangers, an electric kettle, and a capsule machine.
The bathroom has both a sunflower shower and a regular shower and is clean.
There is a famous pastry shop downstairs, and the faint smell of pastries wakes me up in the morning.Although this information does not fit the description of the accommodation, I regretted it after spending one night in Venice and now taking the train.
I wish I had one more day
If you stay here, you will be able to enjoy the tranquil scenery in the morning and evening.
How beautiful is the scenery without people in Venice, which is beautiful even though it is crowded?I’m not good at taking pictures, so I couldn’t capture even 10% of the real picture, but I’m leaving behind pictures of yesterday’s sunset and today’s night view.

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