Nice Hotel 66 reviews, France

I booked Hotel 66 in Nice, France through Agoda for $130.85 for a 2-night stay alone in a superior double room (23m2) on January 1-1, 2023.

This is truly the best accommodation ever, so I am writing this in hopes that it will be helpful to many people even while traveling.

It is a chain hotel with a 4-star rating, including the nearby 64 Hotel (it may be a bit noisy as it is on the main street, but I did not go there).

1. Features: The room was very clean (cleaner than in Korea), bedding and pillows (especially good), good room amenities.
The room size and bathroom size are very good for the price (of course, if you increase the room size like I did, convenience will be maximized), and the dryer is strong.
Great placement of furniture to create a sense of space and high ceilings (love this).
It is thought that guest convenience and practicality were pursued as much as possible.
Compared to the expensive and old hotels near Nice Beach (of course, convenient for walking along the beach or moving to the port), it is newly built and close to the train station (advantageous for nearby train travel).
2. Room facilities: Shelves, a place to put luggage, a dressing table/desk, a chair in front of a full-length mirror, etc. The convenience for guests is very good. Especially, there are about 8 power outlets, 2 of them each, here and there.
Excluding bathroom outlets (first time seeing this in a European accommodation)
3. Service: Infinite coffee 24 hours a day at the lobby and breakfast area on the 1st floor (machines have all kinds of coffee beans, even vanilla latte), bottled water, sparkling water, and tea in tea bags (especially the Christmas edition tea so delicious that I brought more) (I regret it) provided (even if breakfast is not included, you can even participate during breakfast time)
4. Friendliness: Top level (excluding the one black counter counter)
5. Location: 3-minute walk from No1 tram station. The location is perfect because I tend to avoid main roads. However, it is a bit noisy because it is downtown.
There is a laundromat in the building right next door (they only accept cash, so use it elsewhere).

6. Conclusion;
I stayed near the beach for one night on the 31st (for the end-of-year beach + fireworks view) and booked this hotel for two nights to move around the city. I highly recommend Amutta to anyone looking for accommodation in the city.
However, as we use environmentally friendly policies like other accommodations in Europe, it is essential to have indoor slippers.

I shouted to the woman at the counter that I would promote it more to Koreans (to the point where she said she would give me a discount if I booked again).
I was very satisfied with that.
Of course, you should also take into account the fact that I was lucky enough to make a reservation at a cheap price.
The shower room and empty space in the room are much larger than in the photo.

By the way, I stayed at Albert 1er near the beach on the 31st, and the city bus stop is just a stone’s throw away, so the rooms are small for the price, but the location is good on the beach and close to the square, so I was quite satisfied (about 150,000 per night).Drinks are served on the lobby floor – everything you see there is free.

I am uploading the albert 1er below for comparison (this place is also 1 minute from the beach, so it is okay. The interior has been remodeled and is clean, and Nux is provided as an amenity) – It is definitely narrow haha.

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