9/28-10/9 I went to southern Italy with my 70-year-old mother.


I returned home safely last night, and am writing this review with a grateful heart to the wandering members.

​I flew in and out of Rome on a direct flight with Korean Air, and only passed through Rome when leaving and leaving the country.

The entire itinerary is Rome – Matera – Bari (Alberobello, Polignano a Mare) – Lecce (Ostuni) – Naples via Pompeii – Sorrento – Capri – Positano – Amalfi (Ravello) – Salerno via Rome (Tivoli) – It was out.

The places in parentheses are places we visited on a day trip.

I purchased the book “This000000” and prepared for the trip, and followed the recommended itinerary.

​My mom suddenly said, “It’s still a shame it’s Rome,” so we did a night view tour (Ma00000) while staying in Rome on the last day.

My mom talks a lot ^^;;, (I’m a bear-like daughter so I don’t react),Special thanks to the people and guides (Mom000 Tour, Mi00 Guide) who were with us.

^^;;​Fortunately, my mom can walk well and is not a stickler for Korean food, so we kept our luggage to a minimum and carried only one backpack and one extra bag.

I just made up my mind that “I am a guide” and went, so I didn’t argue with my mom this time.

^^;During the Rome and Naples sections, I carried a lock on my spare bag, and I kept my backpack with a lock on it when moving.

​Maybe it’s because it’s in the south, but both locals and tourists were relaxed and friendly.

I’m not good at English, but there were many moments when I was grateful when they showed me by gesturing with their hands.

And all Italian public transportation (trains, buses, and ferries) departed and arrived on time, and there were no strikes.

The weather was good, and Italy was a great country to travel to.


Leonardo Express between Rome Airport and downtownI was worried about ticket punching, but I boarded the flight with an anxious mind while wrestling with whether or not I could put the small ticket in the Amman punching machine in the photo, but they didn’t say anything during the ticket check.

I bought the big ticket on the right when I returned home, and I punched it in properly and got on.

However, as soon as I bought the ticket, I was shocked to see that the train was canceled on the electronic board, but the Leonardo Express ticket is valid for 90 minutes after issuance, so you can take the next train.

Trains come frequently, every 15 minutes.


Trenitalia app, Omio app, Perihopper app, Papago appWith just these three apps – Trenitalia app, Omio app, and Ferry Hopper app – it seems like you can quickly search and go anywhere.

Although I had to pay a small fee, I really enjoyed using the Omio app.

Even if you use the Omio app, you will still need to receive your Trenitalia ticket by email and check-in, so install the Trenitalia app and sign up as a member.

It’s a good idea to check which station you need to get off at by pressing Follow Trip on the TreItalia app.

You can make ferry reservations and receive e-tickets using the Ferry Hopper app.

Sometimes, you will be prompted to get a ticket at the on-site office as a reservation agent and then board, so just check.

When reserving tickets at the ferry hopper, if you click on the map, you will be taken directly to the office if you need to pick up a ticket, or directly to the boarding location if you can board with an e-ticket only.

Restaurant menus and notices were often only in Italian, so the Papago app image translation function was very useful.


Buses are recommended when traveling from Matera to Bari.

로마->마테라 이동시 트렌이탈리아 기차+버스 연계 서비스를 이용하였고, 마테라->바리 이동시 기차를 이용하려 했는데, 마테라 역은 FAL 로 트렌이탈리아와 다르고 오미오 앱에서도 예매가 안됩니다.

무인역이고 티켓발권기도 없어요.

한국서 검색할때 FAL 따로 가입하라는 어떤 분의 블로그를 얼핏 보고는 잊어버리고 그냥 갔다가, FAL 홈페이지는 이탈리아어로만 되어 있어서 체크아웃시간 되서야 저 혼자 난리쳤었죠.

ㅠㅠ다행이 오미오 앱 통해 인근 버스 정류장 찾아서 marinobus 예매해서 이동했습니다.


폼페이 무인 짐 보관소적어도 배낭 두개는 놓고 입장하려는데, 이탈리아어로만 설명되어 있어서 힘들었어요.

결국 티켓 판매소 안쪽 짐 담당 office 의 아저씨께 여쭤봤는데, 정말 친절하게 잘 설명해주셨어요.

버튼 찍힌 사진이 지워져서 못 올리는데, 무인 짐보관 구역에 가시면 정가운데 화면이 있고, 왼쪽 초록색 버튼을 누르시면 뭔가 화면이 바뀌고, 다시 초록색 버튼을 누르면 캐비넷 번호가 뜨면서 문이 열립니다.

짐을 넣고 문을 닫으면 아래 종이가 출력됩니다.

이 종이를 잘 보관하셨다가 짐 찾을때는 오른쪽 빨간 버튼을 누르고 종이에 적힌 여섯숫자를 누르면 캐비넷이 열립니다.

폼페이를 갈까말까 전날까지 고민했는데, 가보니 정말 넓고 볼게 많아 좋았습니다.


당일치기 일정들당일치기 일정을 많이 넣었는데, 다행이 돌아보는데 그렇게 오래 걸리지 않더라고요.

부지런히 움직이시면 당일치기 일정은 충분히 소화가능합니다.

특히 알베로벨로 오가는 버스에 대해 악평이 많아서 걱정이었는데, 제시간에 출발/도착하였습니다.

혼란스러울때는 현지인으로 보이는 분이나 제복을 입고 계신 분들한테 (심지어 경찰서에도 막 들어가서 ㅎㅎ) 여쭤보았는데, 모두 친절하게 손짓발짓 써가면서까지 알려주셨어요.


제가 다닌 곳중 특히 사진 명소카프리섬은 당연히 어딜 찍어도 멋졌습니다.

큰 기대 안하고 갔는데 라벨로, 티볼리 참 좋았습니다.

​혹시 저와 비슷하게 계획중이신 분 계실까 해서 떠나기전 작성한 일정 파일 공유드립니다.

도움되시길 바래요.

​가이드로서의 엄마와의 여행은 최소 반년은 쉬어야 다시 할 맘이 생길 듯해요.

엄마는 만족해하시니 제 소임은 다 했고, 저는 이제 셀프로 가이드비를 지불하려 합니다.

^^다들 즐거운 여행 하시길 소망합니다.