[Milan] Hotel Bristol reviews

It was the part I was most concerned about during my trip, so I looked into it a lot.
I’ve read a lot of reviews, so I’m sharing this to help in some small way!

✔ Accommodation name: Hotel Bristol
✔ Number of stays: 23.11.07 – 23.11.09 (2 nights)
✔ Location: 6-8 minutes walk from Milan Central Station
✔ Price: Total of 270,000-280,000 won for 2 nights in a single room (average per night: 130,000-140,000 won)

✔ Meals and cooking options
– It was a product that included breakfast, and the breakfast was good. (If you requested ice, they also provided ice)
– I brought a separate electric pot, so there was no problem with simple cooking.

✔ Whether there is a bathroom (shower room) or not
– The room is clean and tidy.

✔ Facilities and cleanliness
– There are 4-5 stairs at the entrance. (There is an elevator inside the hotel)
– The overall atmosphere of the hotel is a bit dark.
– I don’t know if the lighting inside the room is the same in all rooms or the room I used, but it is orange-colored and dark, and there are no mirrors except for the bathroom…
– It feels a bit old overall, and when I first came in, the smell of old wood was very strong.
– Aside from the smell, they kept it really clean and the bedding was really clean.
– Refrigerator (there is one, but not cool), personal safe, amenities (toothbrush and toothpaste provided, no slippers).

✔ Internal rules: Similar to regular hotels, nothing special

✔ Friendliness of the staff
– kindness.
– The light didn’t come on from the first day, so I had to go down and come up again, but they really tried hard to solve it.

✔ Surrounding environment
– Construction underway right in front of the hotel
– It is close to the station, making it easy to travel between cities and countries.
– There is a supermarket inside the station, so it is good for going to the supermarket.

✔ Advantages
– The location is really good.
Milan Central Station is right across the street, and it’s a 30-minute walk to the center.
-Bedding was kept really clean.
– It is safe as there is a staff member at the desk 24 hours a day.
– Amenities are replenished every day.

✔ Disadvantages
– The scent on the first day was too strong… It went away the next day, but the scent of those trees was too strong.
– The image of aging is too strong.
-The hotel and rooms overall are too dark.
– No soundproofing.

✔ Who would like this accommodation?
– Recommended for short-term stays and cost-effective accommodations that are easy to move around.

✔ Rating: B

✔ Others
The accommodation was kept very clean, contrary to the actual smell and worn-out image!
Like other lodgings, I turned over all the bedding and removed the covers, and found no traces of bed bugs.
The next day, I happened to see them cleaning as I was leaving, and I saw that they were really clean.

The accommodation may be important depending on who stayed there before, but while I was there, it was clean, there were no bedbugs,
As time has passed and there are still no symptoms, I don’t think there were any bed bugs.

The accommodation is not very soundproof… If you are a sensitive sleeper or are concerned about noise, it would be better not to stay here.
It’s understandable that the inside of the accommodation is noisy (the sound of water flushing, the sound of something running, etc.).

There’s construction going on right in front, so there’s construction noise. Maybe because it’s near the station, they talk loudly every now and then.
When a car passes by, you can hear the sound of the engine booming from the speeding cars… haha.

You might think that the sounds of horses and engines are too exaggerated…
It could be because I’m on the first floor, but it’s not an exaggeration, it’s true..^^

The staff were all friendly, and I slept well, so I think I could go at least once more if I was alone.
However, if you go with family or friends, or if you stay for a long time… I think it will be a bit difficult.
It wasn’t bad for the price.

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