[Florence] Boccaccio Hotel reviews

It was the part I was most concerned about during my trip, so I looked into it a lot.
I’ve read a lot of reviews, so I’m sharing this to help in some small way!

✔ Accommodation name: Hotel Boccaccio
✔ Number of stays: 23.11.05 – 23.11-07 (2 nights)
✔ Location: 5-7 minutes walk from Florence SNM (Santa Maria Novella Station)
✔ Price: Classic double room, 2 nights total 210,000-220,000 won (average per night 100,000-110,000 won)

✔Meals and cooking availability
– Product with breakfast included
– There is also a cafe on the 0th floor, so they make your own coffee in the morning and add ice if you ask for it.
– Lots of bread and dairy products.
– I was able to bring a separate electric kettle and make a simple meal like hetbahn or ramen, but I remember that there was no kettle in the room.

✔ Whether there is a bathroom (shower room) or not
– It’s in the room, and the shower booth is narrow.
– It appears to be well maintained, as there is no mold or smell, and it appears to be well ventilated.
– There was some unorganized hair in the shower booth.

✔ Computer (Wi-Fi): Free Wi-Fi works well.

✔ Facilities and cleanliness
– The bedding is really neatly maintained, and the accommodation itself doesn’t smell.
– There was a bit of unkempt hair in the shower booth, but it was cleaned up well from the next day.
– Overall, it feels a bit old, but seems to be well maintained.
– The elevator works well and can accommodate up to 3-4 people, assuming there is someone holding bags.
– Dryer, personal safe, stand for luggage, some amenities (no toothbrush or toothpaste), luggage storage available
– The refrigerator is hidden in the cabinet at the bottom of the desk.
Works well. The dryer is old-fashioned, but the wind is strong.
– At the time, the staff moved us to a different floor, so it wasn’t noisy because we stayed on the 3rd floor, and it was quiet even at night because it was near the station.

✔ Internal rules: Similar to regular hotels, no special rules

✔ Friendliness of the staff
– Very friendly and tries to tell us about nearby restaurants.
– There was one employee who could speak Korean.
He’s a barista, and he said he studied Korean because he was preparing to come to Korea. He could speak Korean even though he wasn’t fluent, so there was less inconvenience in asking for what he wanted.
– During breakfast in the morning, it was convenient to ask for ice or something like that thanks to the staff who could speak Korean.
(You will be arriving in Korea in December this year, so you will likely not be in the hotel at the end of December.)

✔ Surrounding environment
– It’s close to the station, so it’s easy to travel to other cities.
I went to Pisa on a day trip and it was very comfortable.
– The city itself is not that big, so it’s enough to walk around, and since it’s near the station, there are a lot of people so it’s not dangerous.
– 5 minutes from the accommodation?
There is also a supermarket on the street.

✔ Advantages
-Bedding, drawers, and closet are all clean.
– It’s near the station, so even though there are a lot of people, it’s quiet and the staff seems to be trying their best to be nice.
– It is safe as the staff is present 24 hours a day.

✔ Disadvantages
– Overall, it’s old. (But this seems to be the case everywhere in Europe, and I was worried about it being old, but it’s clean.)
– You will need to carry an adapter with you, and you will also need a power strip.

✔ Who would like this accommodation?
– Recommended if you want good value for money, a short-term stay, and a place that is easy to get around.

✔Grade: A

Room entrance
In other European countries, the door just locks when closed, but here, it just locks when closed, and it can be locked again. ​
Room photos

Please understand that the bed is messy… haha
As soon as I came in, I turned over and said they were looking for bed bugs… haha… haha… haha. ​

I was a solo traveler and had a great time!
I was worried because there is a lot of controversy about bed bugs these days and the hotel itself had so few reviews, but I was satisfied enough to put my worries to naught.

Of course, it is important to know who stayed at the hotel just before.
There were no bed bugs during the period I used it, and even though I turned over the bedding, I couldn’t find any traces.
I wonder if I was bitten and the symptoms appeared late or I didn’t know about it.
I had it for a while after moving to another city and returning to Korea, but since I didn’t have any symptoms, I don’t think it happened!

The room was not too small for a solo traveler, and there was no problem with luggage.
It’s a classic double room, but when two people stay, it seems a bit narrow to spread out two suitcases.

Still, it was a good value hotel!

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