I got hit with an egg in Naples.

I am a person who has traveled a lot in Europe.

I think I traveled for about 4 months, including the number of days in each city in England, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain.

I’ve never been pickpocketed before, but something like this happened to me.

Naples security.

Is this a security issue.

​I went to Naples on 9/30, ate three De Michele pizzas, and was on my way back to the station.

It was a pretty big road and there were quite a few people.




At the red spot, a group of motorcycle riders (3 in total, the person who threw it was a man, and there were women in the group) screamed and threw something at me.

At first, I won’t lie, it hurt so much that I thought I was bleeding because I got shot.

The combination of the speed of the motorcycle and the speed of throwing the egg made my stomach hurt, and I was hit exactly on the shoulder blade, so it hurt a lot for 3 days.

I’m feeling better now, so I’m writing this.

The next day, I got a black bruise.

I’m so glad I was wearing a knit like that because it was hot.

I think I would have been hurt more if I had just been wearing thin clothes or bare skin.

There seems to be a reason why not many Koreans go to Naples.

Walk as far inside as possible on the road and be careful.

It was so quick that I couldn’t be careful.


I have a lot of experience traveling in Europe and have never experienced anything bad or even racial discrimination, but I was shocked and my heart pounded when something like this happened without me having time to deal with it.

The next day, I was sexually assaulted on the subway.

Naples seems like a dangerous city to travel with as a group of women.

Anyway, I’m leaving hurt.

​I’m having a great time in my Southern getaway now!.