[Rome] IQ Hotel Reviews

Hello hehe
I’m writing this to briefly share some information about the hotels I used during my recent trip to Europe!

✔ Accommodation name: IQ Hotel Rome

✔ Number of stays: 23.11.02 – 23.11.05 (3 nights)

✔ Location: 10-minute walk from Termini Station, next to the Opera Theater

✔ Price: G floor double room, 3 nights total 700,000 won (written in 10,000 won units!) (average 230,000-240,000 won per night)

✔ Meals and cooking options
– Breakfast not included (breakfast can be added for 12 euros per person, payable upon check-out!)
– After adding breakfast for one day, it was clean, had a variety of fruits, and was much better than other accommodations in Europe.
– I brought the port separately and used it,,,
There is an electric pot in the accommodation, and there is also a free microwave in the hallway, so cooking simple dishes like hetbahn (cooked rice) or something like that won’t be a problem.

✔ Availability of a bathroom (shower room): There is a toilet and shower booth in the room, and amenities are provided (I remember that there were no toothbrushes or toothpaste in the amenities)

✔ Computer (WiFi):
– Two computers available in the lobby?
I haven’t used it, so I don’t know if it’s free or paid.
– Free Wi-Fi available in rooms.
Very good.

✔ Facilities and cleanliness
– Overall, it was comfortable and clean, but there was some dust on the bedding (not an uncomfortable level).
– It was a time when bed bugs were causing a lot of problems, so I tried turning the bed over, but I couldn’t see any of them.
– There are many things provided in the accommodation, such as hair dryer (not strong), personal safe, electric kettle, free microwave in the hallway, vending machine, ice machine, fitness, etc.
– 2 bottles of water, 2 bottles of carbonated water, coffee, tea, snacks, and 3 drinks are filled every day at the accommodation. It is free, so there is no need to purchase water separately.
– There is a laundry room, so it is good to wash clothes if you are staying for a long time or if it is your last stay.
(You need to purchase a laundry coin at the desk. Payment can only be made in cash. A total of 2 coins are required: 5 euros per coin, 1 coin for laundry, and 1 coin for drying.)
– The elevator works well.
– The entrance to the lobby is an automatic door that requires a card key to open, so I think it is safe.
– In some rooms, such as the laundry room, there is an additional door off the elevator, and that door also requires a card key to open, so the card key is always required from the moment you leave the room.
– Staff at the desk 24 hours a day.

✔ Internal rules: Similar to a regular hotel, there were no special rules.

✔ Staff friendliness
– Even though it was my first late check-in, they greeted me kindly and gave me a map of the surrounding area and explained everything to me.
– Because it was the ground floor, there was virtually no floor movement, but perhaps because we had suitcases and bags, they moved everything along with our suitcases.
– I swallowed 2 coins due to an error in the laundry room, but there was no way to prove 1 coin, and 1 coin was just solved there.
– It seemed like there was a separate staff member on each floor, but when I hesitated in the laundry room, they came to explain and guide me.

✔ Surrounding environment: Overall, it is good for moving around, and it is close to the station, so it is easy to move to other cities.

✔ Advantages
– There are many advantages.
Too many.
– It’s very convenient because there’s water provided, and there’s an ice machine, so it’s great for eating ice.
– I went to see the gym because it was available for free.

✔ Disadvantages
– Hmm… almost none.

✔ What kind of accommodation will people like: First of all, I was a solo traveler, and it was good for solo travelers, and it seems to be good for families.

✔ How would you rate it?

✔ Hotel photos
Room photos ​ Vending machine, ice machine, ice machine bottom microwave oven fitness ​

It was very convenient to use,
Since I was traveling alone, I actually chose places with good reviews, places without bed bugs, and places that were safe even if I paid a little money!
It wasn’t dark near the hotel, and it was close to the station, so it was easy to get around.

I couldn’t find any traces of bed bugs!

Of course, it depends on who used the room before, but it was clean during my stay and I didn’t see any bed bugs!
Some say that even if you are bitten, symptoms may appear late, so I saw this even after returning to Korea and moving to the next city.
There were no symptoms or bite marks!

I was worried about the ground floor as I was traveling alone.
I felt reassured because the desk was staffed 24 hours a day and there was a room inside the desk.
Also, even the automatic door to the lobby requires a card key to open, so you can rest assured… haha

I recommend this accommodation!

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