I recommend a cost-effective Florence steak restaurant.

This is a story about the Florence steak experience of a couple who doesn’t like meat that much.

​I’m currently traveling in Florence.

I was thinking about not eating steak at Zazana Dal Oste because it was expensive and had a lot of portions, but I found this restaurant while walking.

I recommend this restaurant because it’s cheap and has good Google reviews.

​ Outside the store, it said Florentine Style Steak 16.

50€, so I searched it on Google and the reviews weren’t bad.

​I went there for lunch the next day and they were soliciting customers haha.

They were friendly and the amount of steak was enough for two people.

​I don’t like rare, so I used Little Bit More Well Done Please in medium, so it’s suitable haha.

​The tenderloin was soft and the sirloin was tough haha.

​The pizza was also reasonably priced and delicious.

​Steak 16.

50€, Pizza 12€, and a large drink (0.

75L) for 2.

5 came out to 35€.

Seat fee is 1.

5 euros each, 3 euros for two.

​The store is big and good enough for Japanese group tourists to come here.


The staff speaks English and there is wifi.

Oh, and the menu is all gluten-free.

​First of all, I really enjoyed it haha.