Malta / Sliema Land’s End Boutique Hotel

This time, I am writing a review of the hotel I stayed in Sliema.
​ ​

1. Location: Near The Point Shopping Mall, Sliema.
Within 5 minutes walk from Sliema Ferry

2. Accommodation schedule: 1/1 – 1/5

3. Room time, accommodation fee: Superior sea view, about 740,000 won (it is the newest hotel in Sliema, so it is more expensive than other hotels)
Typically, there are many hotels in the same Sliema and Gzira areas where people are in their 50s for 4 nights.

4. Breakfast: Not requested.
Overall, the breakfast wasn’t that great for the price and I was late for work, so I had a McMorning at a nearby McDonald’s.

5. Wi-Fi: There is, but it’s not that great.
Still, there was no discomfort.

6. Room condition: The apartment was remodeled and turned into a hotel.
The floor was nice because it was wooden, but it was a bit dusty.
It was okay.
There are shampoos, treatments, body washes, etc., but I can’t remember the toothbrushes.
It’s mine.
Because it was new, it was overall clean and the bed sheets were very good.
It’s a shame there’s a bit too much cushion.
It’s not necessary, but it takes up space.
But it’s narrow.
You can unfold one on each side of the 28-inch screen, but it is narrow anyway, but there is no particular inconvenience.
There’s a refrigerator, air conditioning, two bottles of water provided, and a terrace, so when you wash and hang out your laundry, it’s almost dry by the time you leave.

7. Pros: It was great to see the night view of Valletta and Sliema from the terrace.
About a 5-minute walk to the center of Ferry or Sliema.
There was a McDonald’s nearby, so it was easy to grab a McMorning meal, and The Point Shopping Mall was within a 5-minute walk, so it wasn’t bad.
It was just nice to take a walk, I don’t go to the shopping mall often, just once haha.
Since it was opened during the coronavirus pandemic, everything is clean and the staff is friendly and answers everything you ask.
Mixing Maltese and English?
I didn’t understand at first so I asked for a translator, but they kindly answered everything.
Kindness Kings.

I don’t know if it’s available on all floors, but there’s a water purifier right in front of my door, so I enjoy drinking cold water every day.

8. Disadvantage: This could be a security issue, but there is no auxiliary lock.
After walking around, I came around 3 PM and was resting at the hotel when suddenly a room cleaning staff (male) came in.
Before that, they put up a sign saying not to clean the room, but check-in time is from 3pm, so of course I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to come in.
I knew that and took out the sign;;
It had come in.
I was very embarrassed, but I was thankful that they would take out the trash.
I was so embarrassed that they had to go all the way to the bathroom to clean it up ㅡㅡ;;;
But even on the check-out day, I packed my bags and took a short break, but as expected, someone I didn’t know whether they were an employee or another guest came in.
I was really very uncomfortable at this time.
It was before check-out (not even before 11 a.m.), but just about anyone came in.
I couldn’t tell if it was a system problem or a problem with the card key.
The terrace is perforated, so people in the next room can see it.
Fortunately, I was lucky that the wall was covering about half of it, but this part was embarrassing.
Soundproofing seems to be a bit lacking. This seems to be corridor soundproofing rather than room soundproofing.

The fire alarm went off around 3 a.m., so I came out and nothing happened.

9. Overall review: The hotel itself was clean and nice, but I would think twice about using it again.
Because many of the accommodations are old,
There are some cheap ones, but I felt they were a little expensive.

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