Edinburgh / Motel One-Royal reviews

A rare value-for-money
​ ​

1. Location: It’s great because it’s practically right next to Edinburgh Train Station, within a 5-minute walk.
The location is right in the middle of New Town and Old Town, so you can get anywhere quickly. If it rains, even that distance might be bothersome.
2. Accommodation schedule: 4 nights from 1/5 to 1/9

3. Room type, accommodation fee: I applied through the Motel One official app and spent about 660,000 won for 4 nights.
The room type is a double room with a view.

4. Breakfast: I did not eat breakfast, but it can be included in the calculation.

5. Wi-Fi: Works great.

6. Room condition: Spacious.
I think it would be enough to spread out one or three 28-inch pieces.
the floor is carpet
I don’t have a refrigerator, but it’s okay in the winter because it gets cool if I put it next to the window.
Convenient to use as it has a British-style outlet, a 220-250 outlet, and a USB port.
I don’t know if there is air conditioning, but in general, London, Malta, Edinburgh, and Amsterdam all have it built into the ceiling wall?
It was done.
A bottle of water provided.
The size of the bathroom and toilet is also appropriate.
But overall, Europe has high sinks, so it was difficult to wash my face.
(Even though I am 167cm tall;)

Shampoo and body wash are provided, but toothbrush and toothpaste are not provided, so be sure to bring them with you.
There is a hair dryer.
Water pressure is good.

7. Pros: The location is really good and it’s not in a busy area so it’s not noisy.
You can slightly hear the sound of the train, but when you close the door,
I can’t hear you.
Since it is not located on a hill, it is good to bring a suitcase.
Above all, Edinburgh is England, so accommodation costs are high.
It’s a bit expensive, but I’m willing to stay here again because it’s good value for money.
Actually, I had a lot of trouble with the nearby Market Street Hotel, but since Market Street just opened, I gave up on it because it was expensive.
Since it’s right nearby, I think I should have stayed two nights.

8. Disadvantages: None in particular.
Is the floor carpeted?
Oh, the sink is a bit high, so you can spill everything on the floor while washing your face.

9. Overall review
I would 100% stay there again if I go to Edinburgh in the future.

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