Capri Island Blue Cave Summary (How to get there, boatman tips)

hello!​I tried to summarize it as clearly as possible.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let me know.


How to get there (2 ways in total)i) Boat tour​:Boat tours are held at several shops near the dock.

You can reach the cave entrance through a boat tour.

– Advantage: You can easily go there after exploring Capri Island by boat.

– Disadvantage: Since you arrive at the cave entrance after exploring the island for about 40 to 50 minutes, it is not recommended for those who suffer from severe motion sickness.

When you arrive at the cave entrance, passengers from other boats and buses already waiting will enter in order, so you must wait on the water.

You may get motion sick while waiting.

+Cost compared to bus​ii) Bus​:Take a total of two buses(Capri -> Anacapri, Anacapri -> Blue Cave)* At this time, you are not purchasing two bus tickets at one place.

You have to purchase it twice separately because the operating companies are different.

It is not a concept of transferring with one ticket.

​[First Bus]-> After arriving at Capri Pier, walk straight ahead and turn right.

(The path is simple, so you will know it right away)-> You will see a window selling ferry and bus tickets.

-> Bus tickets are only sold in the rightmost compartment in the photo.

-> Purchase a bus ticket to Anacapri (remember, 2.

4 euros per person, credit card payment possible).


-> After purchasing the bus ticket, wait in line for the tent next to the bus.

-> Board the bus and go to Anacapri (※ Do not get off here)-> Get off at Anacapri, go one or two more stops and get off.

* Most passengers get off at Anacapri, so when passengers get off, tell the driver blue grotto and they will notify you when they get off.

)​[Second bus]-> You can see the bus terminal across from you.

Tell the attendant “blue grotto” and wait in the bus line.

-> After boarding the bus, purchase a ticket from the driver (2.

4 euros per person, cash only.

I don’t know if you can purchase it in advance from the bus stop attendant)-> Get off at Blue Grotto, go down the stairs, wait and board​2.

Recommend motion sickness medicationMy friend said that he went on a boat tour, but the motion sickness got so bad that he couldn’t go into the cave.

The bus ride takes longer than expected and there are so many curves that it is physically difficult.

Regardless of whether you are traveling on a boat or bus, we recommend taking motion sickness medication.


Regarding boatman tipsWhen you board the boat, the boatman will explain various things while you wait, but the bottom line is that he will tell you that you will have to pay a tip of 10 or 20 euros per person.

Just ignore itI live abroad, including the US, so I tend to tip generously, but from first-hand experience, the tip is 10 euros at the most for two people.

If you go back, I will give you 5 euros.

​This is why, if you calculate, the entrance fee to the cave is 15 euros per person.

It’s 30 euros for 2 people.

A tip of 10 euros is equivalent to 33% of this.

After about 2 minutes, I think the 33% tip is excessive.

The two Westerners who were on the same boat as us said they paid a total of 4 euros.

​Only Asians ask for an extra tip.

If you give him a little, he keeps beckoning you to ask for it, but just ignore him.

Normally, if it were an atmosphere where a lot was given, I would follow suit, but that is not the case.

​* It is written as a bus, but the actual size is a minibus smaller than a village bus in Korea.

* Cave entrance fee is 15 euros per person, payment can be made by credit card.

* Tips for the boatman are given to the boatman after visiting the cave and before disembarking.

* If the waves are severe, the cave will not be operated.

This can be confirmed with the second bus terminal guide.