London / hub by Premier Inn London King’s Cross hotel

The photo is of a representative chain hotel, so there are no overall room photos.

I think you can refer to Westminster or other places. ​

1. Location: Within a 7-minute walk from King’s Cross Station?

2. Period of stay: 1/13 – 1/15 2 nights

3. Room type, accommodation fee: Pay less than 30 won for 2 nights for a large room (Covent Card or something like that is more expensive because it is a downtown area)

4. Breakfast: Not requested.

5. Wi-Fi: There is, but it’s not that great, but it’s not inconvenient.

6. Room condition: The bedding and sheets were okay.
But there are some parts that look like that in the picture… It’s not that it’s annoying.
It was just like that?
Compared to Page 8 Hotel, the size is slightly smaller.
I didn’t use the shampoo because it was an all-in-one concept.
Water pressure was good.
Light or air conditioner with buttons above the bed
It’s nice that everything is controlled.
A bottle of water (I think it’s for one person)

7. Pros: Good location when using Kings Station or St. Pancras Station.
Considering the prices in London, it is good value for money.
Soundproofing is okay.
There are quite a few places to grab a bite to eat, and there are restaurants near the train station, so it’s not bad.

8. Disadvantage: This is just a personal thing, but it is very difficult to find a room.. It’s like a maze…
The downside is that the window doesn’t open.
There is no refrigerator.

9. Overall review: It’s not too good or too bad, and it’s in the cost-effective range among London hotels, so it’s worth thinking about positively if you come here someday.

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