[London] I stayed at The Tower Hotel for 2 nights~

My schedule is to go through London in Paris (Eurail) and out of London.
Before leaving , I stayed
in London for two nights at The Tower Hotel in front of Tower Bridge.
I did a search and made a reservation, but after checking in and looking at Yurang again… there was a big suitcase incident…

From then on, I tried not to let my anxious and fearful feelings be revealed, and I stopped cleaning my room!!

1. A place with a truly spectacular view…

I think the view is amazing…



​: The dinner I had at the restaurant on the first floor was pretty good.
: The view while eating breakfast… made me forget about the incident, but I still tried to come to my senses.​
2. What was embarrassing was…
Not in the picture
There was no refrigerator in our room, and there was no TV on.

I looked at the review again
I heard I need a room upgrade…

I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble if I look clumsy while upgrading my room.
I just watched YouTube on my laptop and it was okay.
Anyone who uses it, please take note.

3. Overall review
: It’s a very old hotel, and how can there be such a large accommodation here?
That was my thought, but I can feel the age in the bathroom inside..ㅜ

And, the draft is very strong.
The heater comes on strong, but it’s very strong with no middle ground.
I turned it off while I was sleeping, but it quickly got cold again!

The water pressure was good, but I was a little confused because the water flowed easily.
I think the view was worth the price of the accommodation haha.

First time in England, I stayed at the Kingston White Hart Hotel.
It was difficult because the accommodation was very far from the city center.
The second accommodation was difficult because of the anxiety.

Next time I come again, I think it would be nice to find a quiet and clean place just a bit away from the city.👍🏼

I can’t recommend it because it’s a place with accidents.
If you are serious about the view, I think you can go~^^

Would you rather go around worrying about this amount?
The reason I crave new, clean food, even if it’s small, is because of my mood, right?

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