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I checked out and wrote this today.
I don’t really have any pictures, but I’ll try my best.
I wrote that, but it exists.

1. Location: Trafalgar Square, right next to the National Gallery
Big Ben and Westminster are within walking distance, and the Natural History Museum and Hyde Park are also about 15 minutes away by bus.
That’s because the car gets stuck often.
If you go out to Trafalgar in the evening, there’s busking, so it’s nice to go out and see the sights when it’s not raining, and musical theaters are also a 15-minute walk away.
Nearby snack bars, supermarkets, and places selling Korean food ingredients can be reached within a 15-minute walk.

2. Accommodation schedule: 1.9 ~ 1.13 4 nights

3. Room type: Superior double room according to

4. Price per night: It really varies, but I stayed around 35 per night because it was a weekday, but it seems to be over 40 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays;;
Looking at it, there are times when it’s 45..
(It was a good choice to find a convenient location even though it was expensive as it was midway through the trip)

5. Photo:

6. Staff friendliness is also the best.
I am a person who thinks Korea and Taiwan accommodation services are the best, but it is just as good and exceeds my expectations.
Additionally, Edinburgh Motel One is also the best.
There is a cafe in the lobby on the first floor, and the staff are Korean, so I received a lot of help with my English, which I couldn’t speak at the moment. I was traveling alone, and I met a Korean person and we talked continuously;
As a result, the reception staff even greeted me in Korean if they looked like they were Korean, and they were so kind and overly friendly. The male staff member was really cute haha.

7. Internal state
First of all, I don’t know if it’s a London characteristic, but it’s narrow.
If you unfold the 28-inch carrier, it is difficult to unfold other carriers, but it is not bad for a single person.
The bathroom is spacious and has good water pressure.
Instead of an inconvenient desk, it is placed long by the window, so it is good to put things on. I was sick for about two days, so I piled up Korean food ingredients such as rice, water, ramen, kimchi, and seaweed on it.
Ventilation is good too.

There is a refrigerator, 2 cans of water, 3 cans of beverage, and 1 bottle of milk.
The first day was so tiring that I didn’t know if the minibar was paid or free, so I just drank a Coke, but they didn’t ask for an additional fee.
Is it free?
But the refrigerator is not very cool.
It’s small, so it holds about 500 milliliters of water.

There is no separate heater or anything like that, but it seems to be installed inside the ceiling, but it’s not that cold in London right now, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Hair dryer, shampoo, treatment, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. are all provided. I was too lazy to use the one I brought personally, so I used the hotel one, but it was okay since my head didn’t itch.

However, I don’t know if this is the case in all superior rooms, but I had a good view of the building opposite, so I stayed with the blinds down.
If you think about this, a double room might be better;;
As long as you know whether there is a window or not.

Personally, I didn’t like the fact that the floor was carpeted. It’s a new hotel.

8. Other

For cleaning, you must hang a card on the door requesting cleaning.

It was difficult to get to the coin laundry, so I tried the hotel laundry service. If you apply through the app and leave it in the lobby, the laundry company will collect it and receive it the next day.
I paid about 28 pounds (including tip, I just left everything including T-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, etc., and hand washing was a hassle.)
If you have trouble using the app, you can put it in the laundry net in the hotel closet and leave it in the lobby, and the staff will take care of it.

>>> Additional personal opinion, perhaps because it is different from Korea, the smell of detergent is so strong that it feels like the laundry has not been washed.

Breakfast is not included and must be purchased separately at the lobby cafe, but it tastes very good.
I recommend the salmon bagel. I ate it twice haha.
(I added salmon and scrambled eggs)
And ham and cheese? Croissant. I just tried breakfast.
Lemonade and hot chocolate are delicious.
Although it is a bit more expensive than other places, the taste is so good that I bought it twice

I don’t know if there’s more to say, but it was really good anyway.
But for a long stay… it’s a burden.

Oh, if it rains, please lend me an umbrella, and of course you can store your luggage!

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