Italian soccer reviews

Hello~ I watched 2 Italian Serie A matches and 1 Champions League match!I received a lot of help from Yurang, so I’m posting because I want to share my review.


AC Milan vs Lazio (9/30 18:00)- Ticket reservation: I made a reservation for my game after looking at the ticket opening dates for previous games.

It usually opens 2-3 weeks in advance.

As we have been updating every day for three weeks, we confirmed that it opened on 9/12 at 12:00 (local time).

I went in and was asked to enter a code.

It turned out to be a membership-only card called CRN Card.

I signed up for CRN in a hurry.

but I accidentally entered the wrong date of birth (when I inquired about this, they told me to submit it on site because it was difficult to verify the photo I had registered for CRN anyway).

So I just.

waited for the general ticket that opens on 9/15.

I waited for about 20 minutes to get in and successfully got a ticket for the 2nd row in the bottom section of the middle of the long side opposite the bench (2nd row in section 159).

Since it was a match between top teams, I was a little scared because I thought I wouldn’t be able to reserve a ticket without a CRN, but fortunately it worked (ticket price: 149 euros).

When signing up for the website, I entered my Korean phone number in the phone number input field and the text message was successfully received.

​- Admission: The stadium is at the end of the M5 (purple).

There is another station with a similar name, but you can get off at San Siro Stadio.

If you are going from Centrale, you may want to transfer at Garibaldi.

As expected, the subway is full.

But I didn’t think I could get on the crowded subway, so I just let it go and waited, and an empty train came.

The next train was empty, so people cheered and clapped.


The stadium is big, so I thought it would take a long time to get in, but I got in quicker than expected.

To drink, all you had to do was open the cap.

Be sure to bring your passport with you as the name on the ticket and name on your ID card are checked upon entry.

​- Game: My seat had a good view of the game.

!!I think you need to be careful about the short side, because there are a lot of polarizing fans (they seem to explode frequently).


Atalanta vs Juventus (10/1)- Ticket reservation: It was the easiest of all the games I reserved tickets for.

It opened 9 days ago (tickets sold around 6:00 on 9/22 Korean time).

I signed up for Viva Tickets through the Atalanta website and reserved a ticket for the first row in the long side corner (ticket price 95 euros).

​- Admission: I stayed near the Bergamo train station and had to take bus number 6, but maybe it was just that day, but the bus route was different from Google Maps.

Thanks to this, it was strange, but I got off and walked quickly.

Fortunately, Bergamo is not big, so I could get to Gebis Stadio quickly.

Upon entry, drinks were not allowed and ID cards were checked.

​- Game: The first row of the long side has the worst visibility.

It’s blocked by an acrylic board right in front, so you can see the reflection of the crowd better than the game haha.

For your information, there is no south short side at Gevis Stadium (it looks like it’s under construction).



Napoli vs Real Madrid (10/3)- Ticket reservation: Because it was a match between strong teams, Fidelity made reservations in advance, and tickets for Fidelity opened at 12:00 on 9/15 (local time).

I successfully purchased a ticket after waiting for almost an hour, but there were not many seats, so I kept getting messages saying that the seats were sold out, but I managed to get a corner seat (Fidelity 60 euros, seat 30 euros).

I was surprised that the seats were surprisingly cheap.

The reason will come later.

​- Admission: There is a station right in front of Maradona Stadium.

I accidentally got off at the previous station and walked for about 15 minutes.

Naples as a whole seemed a bit dangerous because there were a lot of people riding motorcycles and there were a lot of discarded alcohol bottles on the ground.

Especially around the stadium (because people drink on the street and leave it everywhere).

When entering, people left everything at the entrance because they were not allowed to bring drinks in.

They checked their IDs and when entering, the barcode was a Fidelity barcode.

I’m not sure how people who entered without fidelity got in.

​- Game: I was in area B06.

but it turns out that both short sides are home fan areas.

haha, thanks to that, I was forced to watch while standing.

In this area, you have to give up your view of the game.

When I watch soccer in Korea, I sometimes avoid the entire short side or the first floor of the long side due to visibility issues, but it was the same here.

Because of the track, you can see it far away.

Still, I think it’s a place worth taking the risk of seeing at least once because you can fully feel the excitement of the Naples home fans.

In fact, it was the most fun out of the 4 games I watched this time (3 games in Italy + Dortmund).

If you are concerned about visibility, it would probably be a good idea to go to the higher first or second floor of Long Side.

Decibel Bellini, the Naples stadium announcer (I’m not sure if he still does it), watched it on YouTube and thought I should go and watch a Naples game someday.

When the announcer called the starting lineup right before the game started, I realized why I wanted to come here so much.

I really, really recommend it haha.