[Germany Stuttgart] Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart reviews

Accommodation name: Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart

Number of stays: 6/29~6/30
Location (How to get there): Right next to marienplatz station
Price: 145 euros per night (I made a reservation 4 days in advance, so I think it would be cheaper if I booked first)
Meals and cooking: x
Bathroom (shower): Is there a toilet in the room?
Facilities and cleanliness: The hotel building itself is clean.
Friendliness of the staff: They are very friendly.
Surrounding environment: There is a square and Stuttgart is not that big, so you can easily walk around the palace and the square!
Pros: The hotel itself is clean and there is a large supermarket in the building right next door, so it is convenient.
I heard there was a party under the hotel every Friday night, so I went there, and it was a quiet, foreign-style party.
I had free wine and food.
Disadvantage: I remember the parking lot was a bit expensive… I don’t know the exact price…
Who would like this accommodation?
I know there aren’t many accommodations in Stuttgart, but this one looks the best.
I have no regrets.
How would you rate it?

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