[Munich, Germany]Adagio Muenchen City Hotel Reviews

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(There is a simple kitchen and separate bathroom at the back)

Accommodation name: Adagio Muenchen City Hotel

Number of stays: 6/27~6/29

Location (How to get there): 1 block from Munich Central Station

Price: 333 euros for 2 nights (I think it was more expensive than the regular price because I made a reservation 3 days before the trip)

Meals and cooking: There are cooking utensils and induction for simple cooking.

Toilet (shower): Spacious and clean. (Common use)

Facilities and cleanliness: Basically clean.

Friendliness of the staff: They are generally friendly.

Surrounding environment: It’s on a main road, but there’s nothing around, so it just feels ambiguous, neither dangerous nor safe at night.
It was okay when two men walked around in the evening!

Pros: It’s within walking distance to the old town, and there’s a simple but convenient gym in the hotel, so I made good use of it.
If you are looking for a light stay, it seems to be available at a reasonable price.

Cons: When I went there, there was a power outage in our room (probably) in the evening, and even though I called the staff, it couldn’t be resolved… But it was the last night and I was going to sleep anyway, so I just stayed.
There was no hair dryer so I asked at the counter on the first day and they said they didn’t have one, but on the second day I asked someone else and they gave it to me…

Who would like this accommodation?
I think it’s a good value hotel at a cheap price if you book in advance.

How would you rate it?
C due to power outage issue…

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