Aix-en-Provence/La Caravel

2 stars
The location is not bad (if you have a hard time sightseeing, it’s good to come to the accommodation and rest. It’s located at the entrance to the city, and there’s a supermarket right across the street)
The bed condition was very bad and the hygiene was not good. (It seemed like a motel… It was a hotel that created my prejudice against 2-star hotels… After this hotel, I will never book a 2-star hotel)
There is a bathtub
there is no refrigerator
A certain employee was strange (I asked if there was water, but the mart was closed. He told me to buy it at the mart in front, and when I told him it was closed, he told me to go and see if there was a mart, but when I went there and there was no mart, I came back and felt bad because I felt like I had been trained as a mutt. Still, it was Aix-en-Provence. It was kind of them to tell us about the intercity bus terminal that goes to Dogeve and give us a map.)

2 nights / 260 euros for 2 nights, breakfast not included (based on the 1,423 won exchange rate, about 370,100 won)

I feel angry after writing this… ^_^…?
The facilities are very expensive for a motel.. Haha, I think it’s because I made the reservation so close to the date.
If you are traveling, please make a reservation in advance….!!

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