Milan/ Hotel Berna

4 stars
It is located about an 8-minute walk near Centrale Station.
(Location is good)
For a 4-star hotel, the price is reasonable (about 170,000 won per night).
There are four welcome drinks (carbonated water, bottled water, Coca-Cola, and orange soda).
There is a separate foot washing station. (As expected, 4 stars..)
The interior of the hotel shows that a lot of care was put into it.
From placing diffusers everywhere…
This is other information, but you have to leave your keys at the front desk and go out.
(24-hour front desk)
Perhaps because I informed them in advance that I would arrive between 1 and 2 PM, they checked me in right away.
Give slippers.
I’m going to try breakfast tomorrow, and I’ll edit the post after eating it.
There is a refrigerator
There is a safe.
There is also Korean channel information in the TV channel guide.
1 night / 172,617 won (breakfast included)

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