Venice Mestre city -> Marco Polo Airport city bus 1.5 euros (10 euros no!)

​People travelingI hope this helps even a little!I am leaving a message^^​Most people will take the airport bus from Venice to the airport, which costs 10 euros one way.

– You can take a one-way bus ticket for 1.

5 euros.

– If you bought a transportation ticket, you can go right away even after swiping the ticket as it still has an expiration date (in my case)​Remember to take the number 15 ACTV city bus!(Of course, there were travelers who bought this for 10 euros.

We got on the same bus, but someone else paid 10 euros.

I just used a transportation ticket and passed directly.

)(ATVO bus nonoWe are ACTV!)​​It would be a good idea to find a stop close to your accommodation.

Assuming it’s mostly near MestreThe bus stop is here (red pin below).

​​A bus stops on the very side of the street.

The Aerobus is designed differently from other city buses, but you can get a 1.

5 euro one-way ticket/pass with the remaining transportation ticket if you hit the city bus.

​I ride with heavy luggage~ No worries.

Arrive at the airport and get off.

​​It’s really close from Mestre to the airport.

Don’t spend 10 euros one way!​1.

5 eurosEnjoy the happiness of transportation rights.

Let’s buy coffee and sandwiches with the rest of the money.

​​Have a nice tripChaochao :).