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Manchester and London accommodation reviews
*I was debating whether or not to leave a review of the accommodation because I didn’t have too many photos, so I’m leaving it here!

1. Inside the accommodation
When choosing a place to stay, cleanliness is my top priority.
It’s neat.
It’s clean!
Although it is a bit pricey, I liked the facilities because they were clean and stylish!

– Go to the bathroom next to where the carrier is!
– There is an induction stove in the direction I took the picture.
* Basically, there are glass cups and frying pans!
It’s clean.
* However, I brought detergent separately and washed it again, and there was detergent too!
* However, when the dishes dried, gray powder remained, so I wiped it with a tissue.

Feature 1
: Dark.
Even with all the lights on, it’s dark.
If you don’t like bright things, it might be frustrating.
I was frustrated.
I guess it’s because there are no
Feature 2:
There are no windows.
I can’t see outside.
Feature 3:
Since it was on YouTube, it was nice to buy wine and appetizers and watch Lululala TV in the evening.
Feature 4
Really, this plays a part.
There is a laundry room and it is free.
There is also a dryer.
The gym is free.
* Laundry detergent is also available!
It’s below!
Feature 5
You can directly control air conditioning and heating.
Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are all separate.
(Other accommodations only have one all-in-one)2. Outside the accommodation
– Within 5 minutes in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral
– Within 5 minutes from Tate Modern
– Right in front of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater (within 5 minutes next to Tate Modern)
– Arrive at Borough Market within 15 minutes on foot
– It’s in front of the river, so it’s great to come out and jog in the morning!

* I’ve never seen any Koreans except for one woman who was traveling alone!
* I wondered if it was a culture for foreigners to try to get in the elevator together, but that’s especially common here.
It was a bit sarcastic, kyakyakyakya.
* The photo below is a view that can be taken as soon as you leave the accommodation. 3. Others
– It’s a bit remote so it’s hard to find the way, and it’s dark so it might be dangerous.
Rather, I should say it was quiet and cozy.
– A deposit of 1 pound was required at check-in!
(Refunds will be issued after a week!)
– I don’t know if there were no windows or if they were all blocked because I was on the second floor, but this was very disappointing!
– The river view right in front of the door is so nice, but it’s actually a bit far to the London Eye, Big Ben, and the National Gallery.
It was so nice to walk that I just kept walking!

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