Paris_Citadines Tour Eiffel Paris

1. Inside the accommodation
– Studio, balcony (Eiffel tower view) I remember it as room 702? Anyway, it’s on the 7th floor!
– You can see the Eiffel Tower really well from the balcony, which I had only heard about!
(When checking in, they said it was the best view in our hotel and the best for honeymoon)
-The accommodation is clean and cool!
There is a separate place to store outerwear.
– There was a bathtub in the bathroom, so I took a half-body bath every evening in the evening because my feet hurt from walking too much!
– It was great to eat food and snacks on the balcony in the morning and evening!
– It’s a huge amount, but that’s all in Paris!
I made a reservation with that in mind and I have no regrets!
– I visited three accommodations in Manchester, London, and Paris, and this one was the most spacious!
– There is definitely a temperature control, but it wasn’t warm and I was cold. I went to sleep with a hot pack on.
(My husband said it was cool and nice haha)
– There is also a Nespresso coffee machine and 4 coffee capsules!
– Great advantage: There is a microwave!!
Useful! 2. Outside the accommodation
– There was a McDonald’s right in front, and a large supermarket called MONOPRIX right next to it, so it was easy to live in!
– If you go straight out of the lobby, there is a subway right in front of you.
However, as the above-ground metro passes by, you can hear the thudding sound in the evening!
If you are sensitive to noise, you might want to consider it
(We were really, really fine! Maybe it’s because we took a half-bath, drank beer, and went straight to sleep.) 3. Others
– Actually, I was only in Paris for 3 days and I’m not a travel expert, so I’m not entirely sure.
Finding accommodation near the Eiffel Tower?
I don’t think it has any merit.
I thought it wasn’t easy to get to Montmartre, Louvre, Orsay, Notre Dame, and Center Pompidou from here.
* It was a bit dark on the walk to Batomush…
(Of course, if you take the subway, you will get there in less than 20 minutes, but I wondered if it was right to take the subway so many times.)
Haha anyway, it was the best to have a relaxing time with my husband in the evening with the Eiffel view!

4. Conclusion
I think this is the perfect accommodation for a two-day honeymoon trip!

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