Manchester_The niu loom

I gained so much useful information from my wanderings,
I also want to be of some help after my trip, so I’m leaving the hotel information like this!
I spent January 1st in Manchester, watching
the Manchester City vs. Everton
game and watching the fireworks festival outside the window.
I spent January 1st really happily!
I wander around Manchester-London-Paris.
This is how I traveled!
Among them, I will first leave a rough review of the accommodation in Manchester.

1. Inside the accommodation
*The only photo I have is a photo right before I left the room…
Comfortable double or twin room
Cleanliness was a priority for me, and it was really clean and tidy.
There were outlets on both sides of the bed, and we
took a power strip with us and easily charged it, using a tip we had seen while wandering around
Bed + TV + bathroom at the end.
It’s clean and without any unnecessary details.
Even though it is a late check-in, you can always drink warm coffee, hot chocolate, and tea, so please have some.. They kindly explained it to you.
My husband and I really can’t speak English, but he explained things clearly in Papago.2. Breakfast
Actually, the reason I decided to write about it was because breakfast…the best breakfast.
During the three days we were in Manchester, we always ended with breakfast.
Friendly staff, delicious breakfast, tea, ***hot chocolate*** super delicious.
If you go, be sure to include breakfast.
Since it’s not Manchester, which has tons of great restaurants, it’s okay to get your fix here.
I think it’s good 3. Others
– quiet
– There is no one from our country.
– There is a friendly person at the information desk 24 hours a day.
– I bought the wrong ticket, so there was a situation where I had to send a refund request by mail, but they just printed it out.
Just good memories… whew
– The price is cheap!
(Booked at
– Even if it’s a little far from downtown!
You can really go downtown by tram in less than 10 minutes.
– In Manchester, you wear Manchester City clothes, so everyone talks to you or says “Oooh!”
He likes me with his eyes while doing it.

* Below is the view from the window and a rest area where you can have breakfast and relax at any time! Well then… I’ll end my clumsy review. Kyokyokyo.

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