[Spain/Madrid] Woohoo Rooms Boutique Sol

Accommodation name:
Woohoo Rooms Boutique Sol
Number of stays:
Location (How to get there):
Price: USD$195.25 for 2 nights
Meals and cooking:
No cooking allowed, no breakfast
Availability of toilet (shower room):
Facilities and cleanliness: 4/5 out of 5
Internal rule: I don’t think there is such a thing.
Staff friendliness: Friendliness.
Surrounding environment: In the middle of Sol Plaza
Advantages: Location (but difficult to use taxi, easy to use subway)
Disadvantage: Difficult to enter by vehicle
Who would like this accommodation?
Backpacker, a person without much luggage.
How would you rate it?

Location: 👍👍👍👍
Room condition: 👍👍👍👍
Willingness to revisit: None when traveling with parents, but yes when traveling alone/with a friend/spouse

It’s definitely a good hotel, but why do you have no intention of visiting again?
This is the same reason as deleting one tabong from the position.

The location is great, right in front of Sol Plaza and close to the subway.
Both the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace are within walking distance!

But what am I?
Traveling with mom,.
We had no intention of using public transportation while traveling with our suitcases, so we unconditionally took a taxi.
However, vehicles are not allowed to enter
the center of Sol Plaza
. It seemed to have been possible a few years ago, but it seems to have been blocked due to extensive construction.

At first, the taxi guy told me to get off and walk 3 blocks, so I thought he might not want to go because it was complicated.
We insisted on not doing it because our luggage was heavy;

Anyway, we had to walk 3 blocks with our suitcases when entering and exiting Madrid, so next time, we will stay at a hotel within a 3-block radius, located in a place where cars can enter, and walk 3 blocks each to the tourist attractions.

Of course, young people will go to train stations and airports by subway with suitcases anyway, so there will be no problem.
It’s great because it’s right in front of the subway.
My suitcase is heavy.
People who plan to travel mostly by taxi because they have a lot of luggage should book a hotel near Sol Plaza.
Check to see if the hotel is located on a road that allows vehicle access.

If you are not lucky with the elevator in the hotel, waiting for another floor will take too long.
It was clean and quiet.
Room condition is recommended.

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