I went on a Vatican tour.

Yesterday morning, I went on a Vatican tour at 7 am.

​Because it was early morning, it was a little chilly while I was leaving the hotel and waiting to enter, but it was hot when I entered the Vatican.

I wore a coat, but I wanted to take it off by the end.

I wore only a thin t-shirt under my coat.

​Here are some tips:​1.

Award to Father Kim Dae-geonI think it’s a trick, but after our team’s tour, we were going to St.

Berro’s Cathedral, and there was another Korean tour team, so we followed them and they went toward the exit, right?If you go straight past the souvenir shop, there is a statue of Father Kim Dae-geon on the left before entering the small exit door from the St.

Peter’s Cathedral building.

I hope you can refer to it just in case you can’t find it and are wandering around.




Send a postcard to KoreaWe bought postcards and stamps at a souvenir shop, used them on the street, carried them around, and stuck them up.

When we left after the tour of St.

Peter’s Basilica, there was a post office on the right, and we were able to sit inside and write.



Old BridgeAs you all know, when you come out after the tour, there is a gelato restaurant called Old Bridge.

Personally, the lemon was delicious, and my companion said the mango was delicious.

It’s a good restaurant with a long line, so I think it would be a good idea to visit at least once.