I went to Florence (Duomo Dome closed)

I went to Florence yesterday​The weather was fine in the morning, but it rained in the afternoon and got a little chilly.

I took the train from Rome to Florence and then walked the rest of the way.


I came to my first destination, the Duomo Dome, but they said it was under construction.

I suddenly lost my will, so I looked around leather shops, had lunch at a restaurant, and went to the Central Market to look around :)​At the leather market, I first bargained for half price, but when they said ok, I was embarrassed and paid a little more haha.



I went to the restaurant a little early and sat down, but they told me to come in first.

There were reviews saying they were unfriendly, but I didn’t feel it.

The taste was good and overall I was satisfied.

The table next to me was a group from California, and I think the guide guided them around (it was so small that we couldn’t talk).

I could hear it all)Osteria Nuvolihttps://maps.







The flat noodle pasta was delicious.


The meat.

sosoIt feels like it was boiled with pork belly and seasoned with salt.

Recommended if you crave Korean food on a long-term trip.


I attended the location art museum tour.

I went to the Vatican and went to a cafe along the way, but coming back to the Uffizi without stopping felt like a forced march.

We went downstairs after watching and listening to the 3rd Les Resance paintings and came out first as the train time was running out.

Looking at the original schedule, it took a little longer.

The Uffizi was a little hot because it was indoors, but when we left after the tour, it got cold, perhaps because it had rained.


Perché no!.

The gelato place I was looking forward to going to was also closed.



When I returned to Rome, I quickly went out to do laundry, but unlike Google Maps, many places closed early.

There was a coin laundromat just north of Termini Station, so I used it, and I was satisfied.

Laundry €4, drying €4.

I think you should allow plenty of time, about an hour and a half to two and a half hours.

​There seemed to be a Korean woman there, but she didn’t come when she finished her laundry, so I took out the laundry and I hope you don’t feel bad.

​The operating hours were said to be until 11 o’clock, but they didn’t say that the shutters would come down at 11 o’clock.

It was about 11:20 by the time it was finished drying.

​please refer to this :).