Seville Suites Murillo Catedral reviews

Accommodation name: Suites Murillo Catedral
Accommodation date: 12/23-26 Total 3 nights
Location (How to get there): Near Seville Cathedral
Price: 570,000 won for 3 nights
Meals and cooking: Breakfast not included, cooking available
Bathroom (shower): There is a private bathroom in the room.
Computer: None
Facilities and cleanliness: Not very clean.
Please refer to the review below for details.
Staff friendliness: Friendly
Surroundings: The location is good as it is near the cathedral.
Who would like this accommodation?
: Not recommended for families, but more suitable for friends or couples in their 20s and 30s.
How would you rate it?

I left a review on Google Maps, but it kept getting deleted, so I left a review on Yurang in the hope that more people would see it.
I made a reservation for a total of 3 nights from December 23rd, and today is my 3rd day, but there are so many problems.

1. There is no check-in counter in the accommodation – you have to check in at a building about 8 minutes away.
It was inconvenient to move around, but I thought that was because I already knew this from other reviews.
However, it was very inconvenient to have to solve a problem over the phone every time a problem arose, that it could not be resolved in real time, and that I had to wait for an employee to come every time.

2. The water in the bathroom was too dirty – I brought the shower filter from Korea, but as soon as I put it in and turned on the water, the filter turned black.
I don’t know if it’s because the water pipes are old, but it was fine when I used it in other cities in France, Italy, and Spain, but as soon as I turned it on here, it turned completely black.

3. The drain in the shower room was clogged and water flowed back – When I showered on the first day, water backed up and flowed out of the drain.
The location of the shower room is higher than the location of the toilet, so the water flows back, and I had a hard time wiping the flowing water with a towel for two hours.

4. I had to leave because I had made a reservation, but the hot water didn’t come out, so I called reception and waited for 2 hours for a staff member to come and fix it.
Thanks to this, the maid who cleaned up and cleared the morning schedule told me to come out quickly because she had to get off work at 1 o’clock.

5. I had to enter the room after going out, but the card key didn’t work twice, so I got a new card key – a staff member came and changed it to a new card key, but I had to wait for 15 minutes for an staff member to come from another building, and there was no reception, but the door was locked again. I was very worried every time I went out because I was afraid it wouldn’t open.

I made a reservation because it had good reviews and many Korean reviews, but it was the worst accommodation of this trip.
Since I was traveling with my mom, I was careful to make a reservation, but my mom and I had a hard time, so our memories of Seville are getting worse.
If possible, go to a hotel rather than an apartment without a reception.
I stayed in a place with a kitchen because I was worried that restaurants would be closed during Christmas, but I had the worst experience.Image


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