Rome Nord Nuova Hotel^^

3 star hotel
Three mother and daughter triple room^^
Staying for 2 nights out of 3 nights.
It’s just a good value hotel!!!

I am using it well without a shower filter.
I am using shampoo, conditioner, and body products I brought from Korea.
The water pressure is good and the bathroom is large.
There are no slippers and the dryer is strong and nice.
There are also extra blankets in the closet.

The heating is adequate so it’s not cold.
The current weather in Rome is 15-16 degrees Celsius.

Breakfast is just enough to eat ^^
I liked that the fruit was fresh!!!

The location is close to Termini Station.
I wanted to travel by train between cities easily.

It’s a bit far from the city center so it’s a bit difficult to walk.
I’m going to take a taxi today^^

※ City tax is 6 euros per person per night when checking out.
We paid 54 euros for 3 nights.

During the southern tour, I had to leave early in the morning, so I said I couldn’t eat the breakfast I requested, but they provided a separate meal box for each person at the desired time!!!
Drinks, water, apples, snacks, etc. were good^^
You can receive it on your way out on your southern tour, or you can receive it in advance and leave it at your accommodation to eat as a snack later!!!





Hotel 7th floor rooftop view^^Image


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