London Paddington Wildaparthotel by Staycity

A combination hotel of an apartment + hotel.

We are based on a family of 4.

One room, a bed slightly larger than a queen, and a TV.
-I slept comfortably with my 6-year-old son, who weighs 52 kg.

Living room with TV, sofa bed, and 3 round dining chairs.
The sofa bed can be transformed into 2 singles (set up).
-My daughter, who is in middle school, and an adult woman each slept in a single bed.
-The softness cannot be compared to that of a bed, but it is said to be comfortable and good to be separated from the person next to you.

In the kitchen
Is it highlight or induction? Anyway, that’s it.
Electric kettle, toaster, coffee capsule machine, capsule, dryer,
Refrigerator (including 4 or 3 bottles of water and 2 very small bottles of milk)
Kitchen work is possible with a narrow sink (possible for washing dishes), pots, plates, etc.
Dishwasher, microwave oven

The best!!
It’s been 5 days and the filter I brought is white and clean.
Otherwise clean

Laundry room operated by guests on the first basement floor
No detergent required
The washing machine varies slightly depending on the number of washes, but is around 6 pounds.
Free dryer (must be used for at least 1.5 hours to dry)

Act as if you know the employees and listen carefully to complaints.
The coffee doesn’t taste good, according to my standards!
I haven’t tried breakfast, but it seems like a lot of people eat it.

Paddington 5 minutes
Edge Road Station 5 minutes
For reference, I walked to the Natural History Museum from home, but it was worth going to see swans and ducks across the park.
I also walk to Baker Street Station.

If cleaning doesn’t last long enough, they just throw away the trash.

Today is the last night, so I am feeling sad and writing a review to ease my regret.
Add to
The water pressure is strong
The hot water works well (I usually like saunas, so I’m satisfied)
The heating is adjustable. It felt cold on the first day, but it’s not cold because I kept turning it on. It’s like a regular apartment with warm air.
There are many electrical outlets here and there where you can plug in electricity.
You need

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