Florence Quick Facts


Duomo Cathedral integrated ticket​Duomo Cathedral / Giotto’s Bell TowerPlease leave your luggage in advance before entering the Duomo Cathedral.

You can’t bring a backpack/crossbag that’s a little too big!If you go to Giotto’s bell tower right after seeing the cathedral, there are too many stairs, so it will be dizzy and difficult.

From the Duomo cathedral, you can capture the beauty of Florence, although you can’t see the cathedral properly.

Even if you climb up Giotto’s bell tower, it is covered with barbed wire, so it is not dark (the guide recommended that the view of the Duomo cathedral/bell tower from the yellow bell tower building in front of the Uffizi Gallery is more beautiful)​* The view of Florence from Michelangelo’s Hill was so beautiful that I can’t express it.

Since I didn’t have time, I gave up on the night view, visited the Uffizi Gallery, walked the surrounding streets, and went up to the hill.

The roads were pretty and I felt once again that Florence is a beautiful city.

​1-1 TransportationI took the train from Rome to Florence, so I got off at Florence Central Station, went to Tabacci (!) across the street, and bought a bus ticket.

You can buy it for 10 trips at a time!​It’s even better because it offers unlimited transfers for 90 minutes.

I bought 10 tickets per person, so there were a lot of tickets left, but I brought them as a souvenir.

Put it into the machine and punch only the first time.

You can never do it twice when transferring!​​2.

Museum tourUffizi GalleryIt is the only art museum without a looted cultural festival.

​We can see works that are familiar to our eyes from textbooks.

(The world of the work becomes more visible if you know the general trend of the times)​Middle Ages – Age of religious supremacy (There is no change in the facial expression of the Virgin Mary or Jesus.

Two-dimensional composition.

It was a time when gods should not be expressed like humans, so there were no facial expressions or physical curves as women.

It was a time when there was no profession called a painter, so paintings were popular among priests.

The artists drew the pictures, and the expressions were so clumsy that it was noticeable.

​At the end of the Middle AgesAnthropocentric realist perspective representation.

One knee of the character came forward, and the composition began to form, with the person sitting on the outside of the chair.

The reason it is not perspective is because the faces of the front and back people aresame.

In paintings from this era, the curves of the Virgin Mary’s breasts are shown.

It is revealed.

​Renaissance > Perspective, a trend in portraiture at the time to accurately and realistically depict facial features down to the smallest detail.

​Portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino by Piero della Francesca (Doppio ritratto dei duchi di Urbino)​Portraits were a very important field for artists in the 15th century humanist era, and the customers who commissioned them were mainly nobles and high-ranking clergy.

Later, newly rich people whose economic power improved also emerged as excellent customers.

​Mannerism > The transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque eraIf we look at art history, this was a time when religion was twisted to gain attention.

This is a time when the dynamic aspects of paintings and characters are revealed.

What if the characters are moving actively?​​Baroque period hyperrealismAll of the painting’s panels are dark, creating a great contrast between the light and the painting.

Light is emphasized in the central story, and the background is painted dark to send a message about the author’s intention.

​Before the Baroque era, it was a time when cardinals and priests painted the paintings they wanted, but after the revolution, many common people and gypsies appeared in paintings.

​I signed up for a tour of the Uffizi Museum, met the guide, and had a great time listening to the explanation of the works.

You said that it is better to look at the work purely with only the historical background.

I really hope you visit the Uffizi Gallery.

(I wrote the contents briefly :)​3.

근교 투어 (시에나, 피사, 산 지미냐노)피렌체 일정이 짧지만 인연이 깊은 시에나에 (관련된 일을 했기에) 가고 싶어 외국인 투어로 진행하였습니다​와이너리 투어, 피사 (정말 신비롭게 삐딱한) 시에나 대성당( 미켈란젤로의 흔적을 찾아.

정말 아름답다 못해 경이로웠던 성당) , 산 지미냐노는 동네가 정말 예뻐서 한참을 걷고 또 걸었습니다.

포지타노처럼 동네가 아기자기하게 정말 예뻐요.

​아침 7시부터 저녁 8시까지 꽤 길었던 투어이지만모두 알차게 다녀온 코스입니다.


날씨아침에 많이 쌀쌀했어요.

오전에 외투나 스카프를 꼭 챙기세요.

우피치 미술관은 더웠고, 미켈란젤로의 언덕은가을 날씨 같았어요.

가디건 챙기시면 좋을 거 같아요.


맛집티본 스테이크로 우명한 달오스떼 본점으로 갔어요.

미리 앱으로 예약하면 20%할인인데 당일 너무 먹고 싶어서 예약없이 10분 정도 웨이팅했다 바로 들어갔어요 제일 많이 드시는 티본 / 트러플 까르보나라 이렇게 먹었는데 와~~ 이정도는 아니구요 음 괜찮네 정도입니다.

120불 정도 나왔네요 ㅎ저는 Osteria Vecchio Cancello여기를 추천해 드려요.


일요일은 마켓 열리는 날!외국에 잠시 살때 마켓에 자주 갔어요자기 집에 있는 모든 물건들 들고 다 팔려고,, ㅎ피렌체도 그러네요 ㅎㅎ 빈티지한 그릇소품 미술작품 옷들 ㅋ 빈티지 제품 안 좋아하더라도문화 체험한다고 생각하시고 방문하시는 거 추천.

일요일은 상점 문 다닫고 할게 없는데 마켓 구경하는 재미도 쏠쏠해요​피렌체는 냉정과 열정사이 책도 읽고 영화도 보고나만의 쥰세이를 찾아서(!!) 같이 와서 그런지더 아름답네요^^​20대때 보던 작품을 30대에 보면 또 다른 느낌이라고 해요.

피렌체는 또 오고픈 그런 도시인게로마는 정신없고 시끌시끌했다면 피렌체는 조용하고 아늑해요 그래서 좀 더 끌리는 거 같아요:)​7.

짐은 줄이면 줄일수록 행복하다.

사분의 일이 지난 시점에서 제일 필요없는 건많은 신발과 많은 가방 옷가지🫠선그라스가 있으니 들고온 모자는 한번도 안 썼어요.

우산이 있으니 우비도 안썼구요.

​선택과 집중 / 비슷한 아이들은 둘중 택 1​있으면 유익한 것들라면 수프와 휴대용 커피 포트, 장바구니용 에코백,미니 손 선풍기, 쪼리, 샤워기 필터, 일회용 봉지나 지퍼백, 해외용 멀티탭, 물티슈, 습식 타월( 수영장에서 쓰는.

은근 호텔 타월이 찝찝한데 물기 닦고 바로 건조되니까 너무 좋아요) 미니용 옷 스프레이( 방에 뿌려도 좋아요/ 호텔에 이상한 냄새 여름에 내 옷냄새 소중하니까요ㅠㅠ)다이소 이어폰 3.

5 오디오 가이드용 하나 구매해서 오세요!​​밀라노에서 만나요 🙂♥️.