London, England / Citadines Trafalgar Square London

Accommodation photo
I won’t post pictures because there seem to be a lot of reviews from other people.
Number of stays
4 nights from January 11th to 15th

Location: Near Trafalgar Square

Price: about 170 Won

Meals: Breakfast not included. Cooking available in the accommodation.

Is there a bathroom (shower room)?
Each bathroom and shower room is separate.
The downside is that the exhaust fan in the bathroom keeps running, so the noise from the exhaust fan is very annoying all night long (the bathroom smells).

First of all, Citadines was the most recommended by Wurang Cafe.
First of all, one person’s review said that if you don’t think of a hotel but think of a domestic condo, you will be satisfied, and it really struck me.
We are a family of 4, so we booked a 1-bedroom room, but there is a double bed in the room and a sofa bed in the living room.
The double bed and sofa bed were large enough for two adults.
(I will not post pictures because there seem to be many reviews from other people)

As you said, the quality of the coffee machine in the lobby is very good.
They say it’s a hot chocolate restaurant, and the latte was delicious and the Americano was also delicious.

I wanted to be assigned a laundry room, but there are only a few rooms in the hotel with a laundry room and they were all fully booked, so I used the public laundry room on the M floor to do my laundry.
Washing costs 5 euros and drying costs 4 euros. You can download the we wash app, pay, and use it (detergent is added automatically).
However, if it is not a long-term trip and you are not in a hurry, I would not recommend it.
First of all, the machines don’t look clean and some dryers are dusty.
Kids’ sportswear dries easily, but sweatshirts and cotton t-shirts seem to dry about 65% of the time.

People say I’m a location bully, but the location is good. Maybe it’s because the neighborhood isn’t a busy area, but it’s not noisy and crowded.

It wasn’t great because there was no cleaning service, and the heater wasn’t very hot, but it didn’t feel very warm.
It was cold when I came back after going out, so it took a long time for the temperature to rise, so it was a bit cold.
I brought two travel electric blankets and put them to good use.

Perhaps because it was the off-season, there were fewer Koreans than expected.
The hotel staff are not very friendly, but they are helpful in answering most inquiries.

I just wrote down everything that came to mind.
I hope it helps

I don’t know if I’ll come again next time, but I have no intention of visiting again😅

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