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Accommodation photos
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Accommodation name:
IQ Hotel Rome
Number of stays:
2023.12.13 – 2023.12.16
Location (How to get there):
10-minute walk from Termini Station, 5-minute walk from Republica Station
Approximately 220,000 won per night (twin room, city tax excluded)
Meals and cooking:
Included (buffet style)
Availability of bathroom (shower room):
Toilet and shower booth available, amenities available, towels changed daily if desired.
Located in the lobby (not sure if it is in Korean)
Facilities and cleanliness:
Clean, not too narrow and not too spacious.
When the 26-inch carrier is opened, there is no space left.
Internal rules:
Observe breakfast time / No special rules except check-in and out time / Luggage can be stored before check-in and after check-out
– Meal box
If you have requested breakfast, such as on a Vatican tour, but are unable to eat breakfast, you can request a meal box at the front desk the day before (confirmed in advance before booking, it is actually possible). I thought it would be served in a box like an in-flight meal, but the menu includes yogurt, fruit, bread, etc. that do not need to be heated. Includes butter/jam, snacks, drinks, etc. as a full course mealImage

-Laundry room
Washer / dryer each 5 euros, exchangeable at the front desk
The operating hours in front of the laundry room are set at 10 p.m., but I thought I wouldn’t be able to get to the dryer in time, so I went back and the manager said he would open it if it was locked if I came after that time, so I used it with peace of mind.

– taxi
Call a taxi when traveling downtown/airport.
When traveling to the airport, if you tell us the number of people/carriers, we will assign you the appropriate vehicle.
It takes about 2 minutes for a taxi to arrive.

Staff friendliness:
Surrounding environment:
It’s crowded because it’s right next to the Roman Opera House.
Train station/Tabaki is also nearby.
Good facilities, friendliness, authentic hotel feel
Not much
Who would like this accommodation?
People looking for family friendly, clean facilities, and decent accommodations
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