February 23 travel record 3

It’s surprising to me that I can say so much just by preparing for the trip~~^^​Colosseum – Reservation at HomebeigeFlorence Duomo Cupora, Giotto’s Campanile – ReservationsVatican, Uffizi Gallery, Southern Tour, – Tour ReservationI’m not good at English and I was worried what would happen if I didn’t have a ticket, so I made all reservations in Korea.

​- At that time, admission to the Pantheon was free on Sundays, so no reservations were made.

​- In the past, I didn’t know about the tour when I went to Paris and London, but I found out later and was very disappointed, so I applied this time.

​- Be sure to apply and go~~ It was a very fruitful time.

It’s February and it hasn’t been long since travel became autonomous, so all the guides said there really wasn’t anyone, but when I look at the photos these days, I think it’s true that there really weren’t any people, so I had a great time in February!!If you go to Damdo, I think you should avoid the peak season~~^^​- The way up to the Florence Duomo Cupola and Giotto’s Bell Tower Cupola was worth doing rather than worrying about.

It was a bit difficult for the 68-year-old mother, but it was possible.

I definitely recommend going up there.

​It’s really so beautiful~~Florence was so beautiful that just looking at each other and looking down on Florence from these two places was enough.





This is the view from the top of the Duomo and the stairs leading up to the Duomo.

I wanted to see the sun set.

The time I calculated and reserved was 4:30, but it felt a bit early.

But I think it would be pretty at any time haha.



After seeing it, I want to go and see it again~~~.