23 years of travel record 4

I’ll throw in a lot of photos this time~~~First of all, prepare a reusable raincoat in case it rains, and wear several layers in case the accommodation is cold or the weather is cold (Brandon had an organizing pouch, but it can be used without a compression tool, so each family member has one 24-inch bag for adults and a 20-inch bag for each child.

I was able to put everything in one of each, so I had a little more room, but it was impossible to wear different clothes for all 10 days hahahahahahahahahahahahaha) with the concept of wearing them 2 or 3 times.

​I brought 30 hot packs with me, and I used them very usefully during a night tour, while waiting in the morning at the Vatican, while looking at the night view from Michelangelo Hill in Florence, and when I arrived in Venice and walked around, when it was too windy and cold.

I wrote it~~I don’t know anything else, but if it’s February, it would be nice to have a hot pack.

​And I bought disposable slippers.

​Since the hotel is not a 5-star hotel, I don’t think there will be any slippers.

It was written very, very well and hit my expectations.

​Take the train from the airport to Termini StationI was a little scared when I got out of the station and crossed the street towards McDonald’s, but after that, I walked around early in the morning, in the dark at night, and in the afternoon without knowing that I was scared.

​In particular, I didn’t pay much attention to my bag and cell phone everywhere, but these days, there are a lot of people, so it seems like the situation is a little different~~~​I had a bit of trouble finding accommodation on the first day.

It’s my first time seeing a system like this where there are several small hotels on each floor of the building🤣 I found the building well, but I wandered around looking for the wrong floor, but I finally found it, unloaded my bags, and went out~~​From here on out, I think it will be a similar trip to you haha.

The maps are generally accurate.

Taking the bus seemed difficult on the first day, so I walked from my accommodation to the Pantheon for about 20 minutes, and the weather was nice and everything was good~~Compared to now, there are no people.




If this is the case, there really isn’t anything, right?? Hahaha.


If you compare the Trevi Fountain with the photos posted by those who have just uploaded it, it is worth going there.

If I waited a little longer, I could have taken pictures as if there were no people around~~^^​.


Inside the Vatican~~^^I signed up for a tour and just glanced behind the guide.

There are so many stories to hear.

How can I help my brain that gets lost every time I turn around?ㅜ ㅜ At the Uffizi Gallery, the guide was disappointed that I kept forgetting things, so he told me not to forget and come back next time~~^^.


When I applied for a night tour, they told me about photo spots so I took good photos.

However, the 5th grader couldn’t get used to the time difference yet, so he had a bit of a hard time following me, saying he was sleepy.

Among those taking children, I think it will be a bit difficult if the children are younger.




Rome — Florence — This is the night view of Venice~~​Thank you for reading my travel diary that I just uploaded without any hesitation~~~Actually, there are a lot of things to say and photos other than this haha.

I don’t think it will end so I’ll end it here~~​I want to be most excited when preparing for a trip~~^^For those of you preparing for a winter trip, please prepare for your trip with great excitement and stay healthy and safe~~.