Avoid this convenience store in Positano!

It’s already famous as a scam shop according to Google reviews, but I think many tourists were scammed by it because of its good location.

The address is Viale Pasitea, 148, 84017 Positano SA, and a photo is also attached.

​The owner is a middle-aged woman, but she charges the prices for 2 waters and 1 drink without even using the barcode.

When I visited again later and asked how much it was, they said it was a higher price than what I paid.

(It seemed like they didn’t remember me and were trying to scam me again.

)I understand that it is expensive because it is a tourist destination.

It’s not like you get it differently each time.

​Looking at the reviews, it seems that many Americans have been scammed.

If you ever go there, be sure to scan the item’s barcode and ask to see the price.

Please also bring your receipt.

I had only good memories of coming to Italy, but my mood suddenly got worse haha.

Travelers, don’t be fooled.