February 23 travel record 2

(For the convenience of writing, please understand informal language~~)After booking the most urgent flight, I felt like everything was ready haha.

However, I still had a lot of accommodations and travel destination tickets reserved~~So first, I roughly planned the schedule.

February 1 – Check-in at 11:00 Pantheon, Trevi FountainFebruary 2 – Vatican / Night TourFebruary 3 – Colosseum / Mouth of TruthFebruary 4 – Southern TourFebruary 5 – Morning transfer to Florence / Uffizi GalleryFebruary 6 – Village tour / Cathedral Cupola in the afternoonFebruary 7 – Pisa / Climb Giotto’s CampanileFebruary 8 – Morning transfer to Venice / Burano IslandFebruary 9 – Outlets / All over VeniceFebruary 10 – Around Venice / AirportI started planning my itinerary and reserving train tickets and accommodations.

​The criteria for finding accommodation is to be close to the station.

I don’t think it would be easy to walk with a suitcase or take a taxi with 5 people.

​I started by booking accommodation in Venice using Booking**.

With a view of the waterway, the hotel just across from Santa Lucia Station is expensive, but I made a reservation.

– I didn’t know it was in front of Mestre Station at the time, but it was easy to get around and the location is very good.

– I was looking forward to seeing the canal from the room, but I was able to see the canal’s clouds in the inner room.

ㅜ ㅜ- When I looked at the picture, the room had a classic feel, but when I actually went there, it was just old.

It was clean but felt quite old.


Afterwards, choose accommodation in Rome and Florence~Price is also important as 5 people had to occupy 2 rooms each.

This was something I had a lot of trouble with during this trip.

It’s a 5-star hotel at heart, but the prices are outrageous.

I was looking for a place that looked the cleanest within my budget and was accessible from the station within 5 minutes.

Both places were the best!!!- The room is not big, but not uncomfortable.

– Both places had coffee pots so I was able to boil water in cup ramen.

– In Florence, breakfast is provided at a low price.

Although there was not a wide variety of breakfasts, it was sufficient for breakfast.

– When I made the reservation, I didn’t know that the area around Termini Station could be dangerous.

After making the reservation, I found out that it could be dangerous while wandering around.

Fortunately, it was a bit borderline, so I decided to just go.

– It was very close to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, so it was great for a southern tour.

– I was worried about heating and warm water because it was winter, but heating and warm water worked well in both places.



(I attached a photo in case anyone asks~~~)​And after searching for important train tickets, it seemed that there were a lot of seats for train tickets to small cities, so there was no need to reserve in advance, so I decided to only book trips to big cities.

Opened the official websites of Italo and Trenitalia and searched for similar time slot events.

and prices.

Compare and reserve — In the end, I booked both Rome–>Florence and Florence–>Venice on Trenitalia.

– When moving to Pisa and Outlet, use the unmanned vending machine on site.

The arrival time was not the same as the time written on the ticket, but it was available (I don’t know if this is always the case.

)- The first time I used the punching machine, I was embarrassed because it didn’t work well, but it seemed like the machine was broken, so I used another nearby one.

– The time is completely accurate and carrying luggage is not inconvenient at all.

– There are people who really check the tickets ^^​.