Convenient transportation and affordable accommodation in Lisbon (shared bathroom)

It’s near Parque Station. There’s an elevator. There are no meals, but coffee, water, and bread are provided every day.
What I found out this time is that the cheap accommodations in Lisbon do not have 24-hour reception.
It also closes at 22:00, so I contacted the accommodation, received a friendly explanation, found the key in the key box, and entered the accommodation.
(I arrived after 12 o’clock)

This is my third time using the shared bathroom during this trip… but it doesn’t feel like a shared bathroom at all.
The rooms are crowded together and the bathroom is next to the room, so it’s no different from using the bathroom at home.
It’s clean, and there are more places to eat nearby than you think.
There’s an Aldi Super, and it’s close to downtown. I think it took about 20-30 minutes on foot.
Oh, and you can also use a washing machine.

And the photo below was sent to the owner of the hotel as soon as I entered the room to say that I had arrived safely.

In fact, the location and room size are among the 14 accommodations on this trip.
When checking usability, etc., this is the accommodation with the best value for money.​

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