[Portugal] Reviews of hotels near Lisbon Airport

It’s already been over a month since I returned from Portugal.
It’s a late review, but I’m leaving this because I think it will provide some information to travelers who are looking for a hotel to stay near Lisbon Airport.

The hotel I stayed at is “Hotel Star inn Lisbon Airport”.This is the hotel seen from the airport!We were given a welcome cookie upon check-in 🙂

📌Number of stays: 10/9-10/10
📌Room condition information: Standard single room (street view)
📌Location (How to get there): I took the Bolt from another Lisbon accommodation, but if you’re coming straight from the airport, you can easily get there on foot by typing the hotel name on Google. (6-7 minutes on foot) If you’re traveling with a suitcase, it’s 10 minutes. About inside or outside?
It seems to work.
Once you get on and off the bolt, there is a separate route where you can drag your suitcase (a good route for people with suitcases or wheelchair users), so it’s a good idea to go around that way and come to the hotel entrance.
📌Price: Approximately 200,000 won per night (including breakfast)
📌Amenities in the hotel: The lounge was well-maintained, but I can’t remember whether there was a computer or not. The good thing was that there was a scale to measure the weight of the suitcase!
📌Staff friendliness: They kindly helped me during check-in and check-out.
Overall, everyone is friendly.
📌There are large supermarkets and shopping malls near the airport, so I deliberately did some shopping here on the last day haha ​​(groceries, clothes, etc.)
📌The advantage is that it is a hotel near the airport, so breakfast starts at 2 am.
It’s close to the airport and there’s also a free shuttle.
They did tell me what time it started, but I don’t really remember, and the shuttle bus was a bit small, so I just took my suitcase and went to the airport.
Because it was so close, I didn’t feel any danger or anything like that even though I went there before 6 am.
What I felt was a disadvantage…the breakfast was quick, but if you go too early, you wouldn’t be able to eat all the food…? 🤣 Dishes such as warm sausages, scrambled eggs, and mushrooms had not yet been served, so it was 6 a.m. It seemed like I had to get closer to be able to eat all the food.
I wanted to eat it on purpose, so I waited for the food to come out, then ate a quick bite or two and quickly checked out,,,🥲 Anyway, the breakfast was good.
It wasn’t bad.

📌Recommended for those who arrive in Lisbon early in the morning or need to go out early in the morning!
📌Grade: A

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