I recommend a cafe where you can drink iced Americano in Florence.

I found this cafe while walking and wanted to take a break.

It was cheap and had iced Americano, which was nice.

​​​ They spoke English, there were a lot of different types of bread, and there was no seat fee, right?​Ah, it was better than Starbucks, but the quantity was less.

​Starbucks has a sour taste.


Ah, it was 2.

5 euros and the croissant was around 1 euro.

​That tart is not delicious.

ㅠ​I also stopped by to kill time on my way to catch the train to Rome.

​Tiramisu is 5 euros, 2.

5 euros, croissant is 1.

5 euros, so 11.


​There is no space fee haha.

​It was hot inside so I sat outside and it was cool in the shade haha.