Venice reviews


Rialto BridgeDue to the time difference, I woke up at 5 a.


and went to the Rialto Bridge around 8 a.


Although there were no people at all, I took some good pictures from the location overlooking the Rialto, which many people take pictures of, and from the view of the Grand Canal from Rialto.

Looking at the direction from the vaporetto to the station in the afternoon, there were so many people that I couldn’t see a single gap in the bridge at 4 o’clock.

If you are serious about photography, or if you wake up early due to jet lag, I hope you go early and take pictures.

​2 Vaporetto ticketAs you all know, you can get a discount of 21 euros if you book a month in advance.

And it was easy to exchange for a physical ticket.

If you will be riding more than 3 times and have plans in advance, I think it would be a good idea to make a reservation in advance.

​3 Recommended RestaurantsThis restaurant was the most delicious during my trip to Italy.

My friend also said it was the best pasta.

I still remember it.

I didn’t know I could find the most delicious restaurant in Venice.

Looking at this restaurant, I thought they were famous for their octopus salad and seafood soup, so I ordered pasta and asked for a recommendation since I had eaten ink pasta the day before.

He recommended thisI didn’t think the menu name would be this delicious, so I didn’t take a picture of it.




gl/yk7k1u12QatwWDBd7 4 Peggy Guggenheim MuseumI took the vaporetto from Rialto Bridge, got off at Accademia Bridge, and went to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

The view of the Grand Canal from Accademia was really nice.

Be sure to go up and take pictures, and the scenery of Venice heading towards Peggy Guggenheim was also very nice.

I felt good because it was so different from the sight heading towards St.

Mark’s Square.

And the espresso I had at the Pegu Gemheim Museum garden view and the cafe inside was the best coffee I had in Italy.

​I found all the best pasta and coffee restaurants in Venice.

​The Venice I went to before and the Venice I went to this time had a different feel, perhaps because I went there when I was older.

​I still can’t forget the sight of the sunset when looking at the sea from St.

Mark’s Square and from the Palazzo Ducale.

I thought it was one of the sunsets of my life.

I think it was a very romantic city.

​During the night view tour, the guide warned me that there were a lot of pickpockets near the sighing bridge.

Be careful of pickpockets there and I hope you all have a safe trip.