[UK] Premier Inn Premier Inn Chain: Best value for money + accessibility to public transportation


There is not always a check-in machine or staff at the front desk. Since my goal is to travel cost-effectively, I tried to book a familiar brand such as Novotel or Ibis, but something got rejected at the payment stage.

It reminded me of the Premier Inn Hotel I saw while traveling.

For those traveling with children, the top pick is the Citadines range, which allows you to cook and feed children.

Since our trip was a bit long, the price was burdensome.
​ Edinburgh Royal Mile Centre, Edinburgh Royal Mile: Umbrellas are also available for rental. Premier Inn can be reserved through the official website.
The app is also made very easy.

Payment was also made easy with the travel log.

It’s a 3 star hotel.

London Kensington Earl’s Court
3 nights London Kensington
Edinburgh Royal Mile Center Edinburgh Royal Mile 3 nights
I stayed at London Blackfriars for 6 nights.

When you travel, you can see Premier Inn chains everywhere.

It’s perfect for traveling by bus or subway. I booked a family standard room for 2 adults and 1 child.

When I made the reservation, I saw that a sofa bed was provided.

About 3 days before your stay, you received an email from the Kensington branch saying that they will prepare a room with a king size bed for you.
(I didn’t receive an email from the next branch, but I received a room of the same type)

The room consists of a king size bed and a single bed.

The carrier can be placed in the space below the king size bed.

There were two additional pillows in the room. Rooms that look the same without much difference depending on location, Kensington, LondonImage

requirements edinburgh Premier Inn London Kensington did not have a bathtub.
The other two had bathtubs.

After taking a bath with warm water, I felt like my fatigue would go away and I would survive.

If it’s a disadvantage

There is no refrigerator.
I adapted and lived without it.

Doors won’t open except for Kensington.

Wardrobe sizes vary slightly from branch to branch, but are small. They say they will give you towels if you tell them at the desk, but we handed over our used towels to the cleaning person as he passed by and received new ones.

We provide a generous number.Image

The name of the breakfast restaurant is the same at each branch.

The menu is almost the same.

The difference is whether or not there are many vegetarian dishes in the hot food section.

As for the taste… I didn’t have any expectations for British food.

There was even a saying that the reason our first backpacking destination was England was because English was less unfamiliar and the cuisine was not as delicious, so even if we went to another country, it would taste better than England.

It turned out a lot better than I thought.

Fried egg.
Omelettes, ham, flak pudding, bacon, etc. are provided.
I think it’s because Indians dominate the kitchen. It’s delicious when you sprinkle baked beans on top of button mushrooms. Breakfast prices vary by branch.

It was like 9.99 pounds in Edinburgh, but it was a little more expensive in London.

Still, it is a very reasonable price since children are free.

The bread was delicious, and a variety of jams were provided!

Crucially, there was a coffee machine so I could make a hot latte in the morning.

Fruit salads also come in berry, orange and apple varieties.
You can also eat the whole fruits placed at the top. Payment was successful with both Travellog and Travel Wallet.

Depending on the server, some people ask you to press the tip when you first pay, while others just say no and skip that box on their own.

Perhaps because we were traveling with children, we were always given spacious and good seats.

They give you a menu.

We display what we use by placing the menu on the table we use. There are quite a few different types of flakes. I also taught my British grandmother how to use a coffee machine.
She said her grandmother told her not to drink coffee because it was latte and flat white was flat. As in the country of black tea, milk pots are also available. Just place it in the card key collection box before 12 o’clock.

I think there is also a service that holds your luggage after check-out.
(Even before check-in)

We haven’t used it.

in conclusion

I highly recommend this hotel for those who want to stay clean and just sleep with good access to public transportation!

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